At SEC, our mission is to shine a light on the fantastic work that sales enablement professionals do. Enablers are the unsung heroes of the sales organization, and we want to change that.

In 2021, we ran our inaugural Sales Enablement Awards and they were a resounding success - so this year we’re running it back like the 90s Chicago Bulls!

But now we need your help.

Cast your vote and and nominate your candidates in the following categories:

Sales Enablement Leader of the Year

Putting a spotlight on the most talented and successful sales enablement leader you know! Nominate your “Most Valuable Player” here!

Sales Enablement Newcomer of the Year

This award is for the breakthrough enablement star, someone new to the enablement scene who’s making waves - our very own “Rookie of the Year” award.

Sales Enablement Initiative of the Year

Here, we’re showcasing the most impressive, creative, and unique sales enablement ideas. Nominate the initiative that impressed you most, and don’t forget to tell us why!

Sales Enablement Team of the Year

Like our Leader of the Year award, this one’s all about highlighting the most talented and successful sales enablement team you know!

Biggest Contribution to the Enablement Community Award

Our final award is aimed at recognizing the ultra-dedicated enablement community! Who’s sharing great advice and resources on LinkedIn, and making the enablement world a better, more inviting place?

Vote now!

Don’t forget to tell us why your nominations deserve to win - the winners will be announced at our virtual Sales Enablement Festival on October 26-27!