21 sales enablement predictions for 2021 [infographic]

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What does the future hold for sales enablement in 2021? Well, we haven’t got a crystal ball, but we’ve got the next best thing: predictions from 21 industry experts, all presented in one handy infographic for your reference.

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Adapt, adapt, adapt

Whether it’s your onboarding or coaching - including training on how to manage conversations with customers on-screen: how and why you need to get it right.

Social sellers will shine - now more than ever it’s essential to show reps how to maximize their and leverage their personal brands.

Continuous growth will be key

SE as a function will become invaluable across the gamut of all customer-facing teams and stakeholder management will need to reflect this.

Challenges and opportunities ahead

Customers (internal and external) will still expect a seamless experience, which means breaking down silos between sales, marketing, CX and services.

Keep learning interesting

We’ve all experienced ‘Zoom fatigue’ and SE needs to innovate to overcome this and keep reps engaged, interacting and open to feedback.

Thank you to our contributors:

  1. Uttam Reddy, VP, Global Sales Enablement & Strategy, Rackspace Technology
  2. Angela D'Ercole, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Dun & Bradstreet
  3. Dave Nel, National Head of Sales Enablement, Investec
  4. Peter Strohkorb, Sales Acceleration Advisor
  5. Aaron Evans, Director of Sales Enablement, GlobalData Plc
  6. Ben Smith, Revenue Enablement, Hudl
  7. Laura Stevenson, Senior Director, Product Marketing, AppDirect
  8. Steve Mayernick, Head of Product Marketing, Guru
  9. Josh Smith, Head of Sales Enablement at theguardian.com
  10. Felix Dumitrica, Head of Sales Enablement, Europe, Freshworks
  11. Ashton Williams, Sales Enablement Manager, Ada
  12. Brett Trainor, Founder & General Partner, iQuipt Ventures
  13. Brenda Basista, Sr Manager, Sales Enablement: Global Inside Sales, PayPal
  14. Jake Miller, Product Marketing Manager, Allego
  15. Gaëlle Soussan-Elgazar, Global Sales Enablement Manager, HP
  16. Danny De Los Santos, Curriculum, Strategy & Training Team Manager, Atlassian
  17. Priya Sachdev, Global Sales Enablement Director, GlobalStep
  18. Louis Jonckheere, President, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Showpad
  19. Tim Peterson, Director, Sales Enablement, PagerDuty
  20. Phil Chew, Partner, WGR ConsultingTom Cheriyan, Sales Enablement Manager, OwnBackup
  21. Tom Cheriyan, Sales Enablement Manager, OwnBackup