How to transform the channel for XaaS success [eBook]

Discover industry-leading research and insights on optimizing channel strategy to outperform the competition.

Today's tech businesses rely on channel partners to cover market opportunity, sell solutions and deliver value-add services to customers.

This has lead to a huge shift in 'as-a-service' (XaaS) subscription models, and vendors must upskill and convert new buyers in order to keep up.

But with an uncertain economic climate ahead, XaaS models are already accelerating the pace of change.

So, CROs are faced with a burning question:

How do I transform and future-proof my partner channels to drive efficient revenue growth in the subscription economy?”

The answer? It lies in our brand-new eBook, courtesy of MarketBridge.

Grab your copy and discover how you can optimize your partner channel effectiveness and tackle the challenges you may face in 2023 when developing, and selling, new XaaS solutions.

Key takeaways:

🔎 An overview of the value pivot occurring in the channel, accelerated by the uncertain economic climate

❓ Direct-from-the-source challenges and priorities heard from tech executives

🪜 Four steps to building a modern partner model

Here's some key stats to whet your appetite:

💥 Modern partners (MSPs, CSPs, SIs, ISVs) are 2x more likely to significantly increase XaaS revenues in the next 5 years.

💥 Only 35% of respondents were satisfied with partner performance outside of initial opportunity identification.

💥 Executives are 3x more likely than managers to believe they are behind the competition in quantifying the right number/mix of partners to deliver target revenues.