The Sales Enablement Collective was founded in December 2019 with a mission of uniting revenue leaders, all striving towards one shared goal: consistent and predictable revenue growth. And it did just that.

We’ve built a community rapidly being recognized globally as the central hub for all things sales enablement.

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What we do

  • Our Slack community’s growing every single day and in it, revenue experts from all angles of the world ask and answer the industry’s most important questions.
  • Our membership packages provide sales enablement specialists - new and old - with everything they need to evolve and excel in every aspect of the role.
  • Our weekly resources, podcasts and newsletters are designed to arm everyone with the intel needed to propel their product, and 1,000s of revenue leaders pay attention.
  • Our Summits, which are hosted by Sales Enablement World, cover the globe and bring 1000s of sales enablement practitioners together to share and learn from each other’s success.
  • Our virtual events have become an incredible source of inspiration & insight for enablement enthusiasts all around the world. Which they can enjoy from the comfort of their own home.
  • Our reports delve into the industry’s hottest topics and issues to uncover trends, raise awareness and paint a unified picture of the role.

Who we are

Jordan Dunne

Pedro Yiakoumi
Commercial Director

Jack Debono
Head of Sales Enablement Collective

Bryony Pearce

Daniel O'Dowd

Manjinder Singh

Marketing Coordinator

Harshil Boparai

Community Manager

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