Date: Thursday, September 23
Time: 10am PT | 1pm ET | 6pm BST

Want to learn how top sales organizations accelerate sales processes and grow their revenue at scale? We've got you covered. 🤝

Join Alex Kremer, Director of Sales at Outreach and Michael Wilde, Account Executive at on September 23 as they reveal how to leverage new tools today, to power future growth.

They will discuss ways you can optimize your sales cycles using real-time enablement and revenue intelligence tools, so that your teams are always aligned on best practices.

Get actionable advice on:

💡 The tips and tricks sales reps use to overcome buyer objections and close more deals.

🧠 Why revenue intelligence is gaining traction.

⏰ How real-time revenue enablement tools are shaping the future of top sales organizations.


Alex Kremer, Director of Sales at Outreach
Alex has been at Outreach for the past three years and is currently operating as the Director of Sales. A strong advocate for real-time enablement, Alex loves how it helps him manage and coach his team, whilst simultaneously shortening prospecting and sales cycles for those reps.

Michael Wilde, Account Executive at
"Wilde" is the world's most technical account executive. Prior to Honeycomb, Michael spent 12 years at Splunk helping build the multi-billion dollar log management/search market. Born as a UNIX admin, his career passion has been ops.