The importance of in-house collaboration has been further exemplified as businesses continue to navigate the challenges being posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, with an added importance being attributed to revenue teams during these unprecedented times.

Which presents the question: what exactly constitutes a streamlined process when working alongside teams focused on revenue, and which measures can be put in place to ensure consistency throughout an organizational set-up? Given the essential role of revenue, the team’s contribution to enhancing the buyer experience across a multitude of customer-facing channels, whether human or digital, it’s pivotal for companies to go above and beyond to provide their revenue teams with the platform they need to thrive.

In this presentation, Showpad Co-Founder & President Louis Jonckheere will hone his attention to which methods can be implemented by sales enablement to encourage unity within an organization, as well as how communication can be refined to accomplish shared goals.

A talk offering quintessential insights for marketing and sales leaders, Louis will provide a clear-cut outline of how to address and remove internal friction, increase collaboration, and achieve their objectives in a way that exceeds consumer expectations.

In his role as Chief Product Officer at Showpad, Louis leads multiple teams, including product, design, and engineering, ensuring the sales enablement discipline is completed to its optimum potential. He'll be sharing his insights at this year's Sales Enablement Festival, taking place from October 28 - 30, 2020.

With over 30 sales enablement leaders covering everything from AI and metrics to onboarding and coaching, you’re guaranteed to walk away with many new and proven tools, tactics and ideas to turbocharge your sales enablement sales enablement strategy. Plus you’ll receive lifetime access to every talk featured in the festival, so you can watch any that you’ve missed or all your favorites back to back, whenever you need them.

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