Essential sales skills every rep needs to hit quota [cheat sheet]

Recruitment & skills development

Great sellers are not born - they’re made. Equip your reps with the knowledge, formulas, and skills needed to smash every stage of the sales cycle.

→ Not having insight into which skills your sales team need in order to hit quota.

→ Not having visibility into which skills are required at each stage of the sales cycle.

→ Not knowing how to deliver personalized training, reinforcement, and coaching to close reps' skill gaps.  

☝️ Three very real, very pervasive, and very impactful pain-points sales enablers all over the world are facing today - and so if you just related to all three, you’re definitely not alone.

Which is where our cheat sheet comes in.

We explore the critical skills your reps need from pre-qualification all the way through to purchase calls, so you can determine the winning formula for a great seller in your org.

And ultimately, roll that formula out across the entire team + build a squad of selling machines.

Building an entire team ready to meet quota starts with identifying the skills reps need for success at each stage of the purchase journey…

…and then providing the training and coaching needed for mastery.

Brought to you in partnership with Mindtickle, this cheat sheet is the pre-step you need to identify those knowledge + skills gaps.