2020 has been a rickety roller coaster ride for everyone.

It’s clear that the world and way we communicate has changed drastically over the past year. Social distancing and the shift to working from home is impacting us all, both professionally and personally.

But what does this mean for those with responsibility for empowering salespeople: sales enablement? How do we provide the competence, confidence and content that our salespeople need to navigate the new ways of working while continuing to engage with customers?

To find out, we spoke to sales enablement professionals across a range of sectors, business sizes and geographies, about their own experiences since the pandemic, to gain an understanding of the challenges they faced, as well as what it means for the profession, both now and in the future.

Download ‘Is Virtual the New Reality? Sales Enablement in Times of Crisis’ for some smart tips on how to adapt and innovate, now and for the future.