Date: Tuesday, January 18
Time: 10am PT | 1pm ET | 6pm GMT

According to Forrester's Jay McBain, channel sales — or selling through partners — represents 75% of the world’s commerce.

Do you have the right partner portal in place to keep your indirect salesforce engaged and motivated?

For many industries like technology, retail, and life sciences, the revenue contribution from channel partners grows larger each year. This means the competition for mindshare increases as well.

Now, more than ever, you need to provide your channel sellers with quick, mobile access to the latest talk tracks, executive updates, product info, competitor intelligence, and examples of what good looks like to help them produce the best results for your business.

Join our webinar on 18th January, where we’ll outline exactly what it takes to maintain control and boost the performance of your channel selling network.

Join to learn:

✅ What most companies are getting wrong right now about channel selling
✅ 3 techniques to gain and keep mindshare amongst your partners
✅ How to use gamification to keep sellers informed and polished
✅ How to drive consistent brand and product messaging
✅ The #1 way (besides money) to keep your salesforce motivated to sell for you and not the competition

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Jonathan is a marketing leader with a proven track record of generating demand in industries ranging from sales training to OTT TV streaming to marketing and advertising technology. At Allego, Jon oversees demand, operations, and content marketing efforts to ensure the company continually hits its targets and shares its story of modern workforce learning and readiness with the world.

Charlene is a member of the Customer Success team at Allego, responsible for the onboarding, training, and ongoing support of customers worldwide. She is dedicated to making sure customers get the absolute best experience possible with Allego. Charlene has excelled in client-facing roles her entire career. Prior to joining Allego in 2018, Charlene spent eight years in various sales roles, then became responsible for customer and clinical staff training at Philips Healthcare.