Measuring Sales Enablement

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Putting maximum effort into your enablement programs, but no hard data to show how your hard work is delivering value 😔 ? Wanna find out how your peers are demonstrating ROI to the C-suite?

Look no further than the Measuring Sales Enablement report, where we reveal the results of our survey charting the top metrics and measurements used by enablers around the world - and how you can use them to improve your own strategy.

Why you need this report

These insights are actionable - use them to:

✔️  Gain deeper insight into the impact of your enablement activities.

✔️ Identify areas for strategic improvement to overcome roadblocks to success.

✔️ Demonstrate value to your leadership teams.

Some eye-opening stats 👀

  • 30.3% of sales enablers only score their metrics’ accuracy at reflecting enablement’s value as 0 - 2 out of 5.
  • Rep feedback is the number 1 way sale enablers evaluate the success of their sales enablement training and content - but most also combine this with other stats.
  • 1 in 10 of our respondents have no enablement metrics at all to share within their org.

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What did we ask our respondents?

We asked almost 300 people working in sales enablement how they tie actual, tangible sales results to their activities - onboarding, training, content - and how they can use this info to optimize what they deliver and continuously improve revenue.

  • How do you measure the success of your sales enablement training sessions and content?
  • What metrics do you use to measure ramp time?
  • Which leading and lagging indicators do you use?
  • How aligned are your enablement metrics with your sales strategy?
  • How easy do you find it to tie your enablement efforts to sales strategy and growth goals?
  • Who do you share your metrics with?
  • Do your metrics reflect the value you add to the business?
  • What improvements would you make to the way you measure sales enablement?

and more...

To add greater context, we also spoke to a number of leading sales enablement professionals to get their take on the nuances of getting the most from your metrics.

How do you tell your story…? ️

People emotionally engage when we use storytelling to make our case, and when you can back it up with data, you’ve got a winning combination of credibility and confidence on your hands.

So, find out what metrics your peers are watching, and how they’re using that data to create a narrative around the success of your sales enablement program...

A quick guide to the terms used in this report

Behavioral indicators
Measure the impact of enablement activities on reps' competencies. They answer the question: Are reps ready to sell?

Leading indicators
Measure enablement's impact on reps' progress and predict future performance. They answer the question: Are reps following the right processes?

Lagging indicators
KPIs used to measure performance outcomes. They answer the question: Are reps producing the expected results?

Any activity that focuses on enabling reps to sell, such as: the development and implementation of trainings or content; coaching programs; the introduction of new technology; or the creation of touchpoints for reps/sales ops to request support.