Measuring Sales Enablement Survey 2021

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As a sales enabler, how do you demonstrate your value? This isn’t a rhetorical question - we actually want to know:

📈 What do you measure?

📉 How do you measure it?

📊 What do you actually do with all that data?

… so we can paint a picture of how sales enablement is charting its impact on results and revenue for our forthcoming report - imaginatively titled Measuring Sales Enablement.

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Often the challenges lie in identifying the right metrics to track, establishing a solid process, and interpreting the results in a meaningful and actionable way.

So why not pool together our tactics and strategies to create a resource that can help us all to better demonstrate our value?

The more responses we get, the more comprehensive the results will be, so feel free to share the survey with your network too (and give them a chance to enter the prize draw)!