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Sales enablement 101

Are you new to sales enablement and wanna find out a bit more about it? Maybe your organization has begun to implement an enablement initiative, or perhaps you're considering it for the next step in your career?

At SEC, we’ve created a global community with the mission of uniting sales enablement practitioners to share their advice and experiences, celebrate achievements and raise the profile of the profession.

So we put together this guide to the basics of sales enablement to help educate and inspire you. 😀

It covers:

A beginner’s guide...

What the role involves, how it fits into a business and why it’s important.

Sales enablement content

Internal assets: how collateral such as battlecards, sales scripts, playbooks and competitor comparisons - empower sales reps to close sales.

Customer-facing assets: resources such as whitepapers, case studies, and product demos, that are designed to help customers educate themselves.

Sales enablement essentials

Nine core concepts for enablement success.

Getting sales teams bought in

How to get your reps excited and invested in your strategy.

Measuring sales enablement

Prove the value of your work and drive continual improvement.

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