Sales Enablement Salary Survey 2022 - download the report!

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It can be considered taboo to discuss salaries, so sales enablers are often left in the dark when it comes to their worth compared to their peers. 🤐

That's where we come in.

We asked more than 300 sales enablement professionals from around the world about their salaries, commission, perks, and responsibilities. We then divided the results by geography, tenure, gender identity and more.

We've compiled the results into our definitive Sales Enablement Salary Survey 2022. Download your copy below, and discover your worth. 👇

What we asked

In order to create a comprehensive report, we asked our survey respondents a number of key questions, including:

  • Their base salary, before taxes
  • If they felt their salary was reflective of their role
  • If they had C-Suite support
  • The size of their sales team
  • What they'd change about their compensation package

And much more. The answers we received allowed us to build out a report packed with fascinating statistics that will allow any sales enabler to benchmark their salary against their peers.

Who we asked

To ensure that we were creating a representative report, we made sure that we asked a wide range of people our questions. We surveyed people:

  • From four different continents
  • From companies with revenues of $1 million, to companies with revenues of over $2 billion
  • From various company growth stages
  • From a range of industries and sectors
  • With sales teams of less than 25, and with sales teams of more than 200

This ensured that our results weren't skewed towards one particular demographic.

Eager to see the results?

Don't wait any longer, download the full report below. 👇