Sales Enablement Salary Survey 2023

SEC Reports

Update: Responses are now closed! Stay tuned for the report coming very soon!

Our salary survey is back by popular demand - and we need your help.

Each year we ask the sales enablement community to take a 100% anonymous survey about their salary and level of satisfaction with their compensation.

Our aim?

To eliminate the taboo surrounding salary and allow sales enablement professionals to understand their worth and bring this information to the table when negotiating their next raise or job offer.  

Take​​ the survey and help us make sales enablement a more transparent industry. We’ll email you the final report as soon as it’s ready.

The final report will provide a 360° view of sales enablement compensation, including salaries divided by:

  • Gender
  • Experience
  • Company growth stage and revenue
  • Sales enablement team size
  • Hours worked per week

As well as providing the community’s view on questions such as:

  • Do sales enablement salaries reflect the business value the role adds?
  • How big of a role does salary play in career decisions?

Help us help you - take the survey and discover if you’re being paid your worth.

Last year we discovered that:

  • North America was the region with the highest average sales enablement salary
  • 75% of respondents received some form of commission or bonus in their role
  • 35% of respondents were happy with their salary, while 36% were unhappy
  • Over half (56%) of sales enablers who took our survey hold a Bachelor’s degree
  • Respondents working in B2B made a average of $15,000 more than their B2C counterparts

2023’s report will undoubtedly highlight even more, up-to-date figures on the world of sales enablement.