Supporting business initiatives in the new age of enablement [OnDemand]

Using AI to prove enablement’s value

A robust sales enablement function is foundational for executing successful business initiatives. Making your stakeholders aware of this is critical.

With the advent of AI, we now have more tools at our fingertips to prove the value we bring.

In our latest session, we explored:

  • Communicating enablement’s value. How to influence decision-makers.
  • Operational rigour. Deploy this methodology to drive business initiatives forward.
  • Leveraging AI for enhanced enablement. Using technology for more than a tactical add-on.

Catch the replay of our session as we unravelled the essential nature of enablement, offered methods to prove its value, and talked about the power of AI in the modern business environment.

Key takeaways:

  • Effective methods for communicating the importance of sales enablement to stakeholders.
  • Strategies for quantifying and demonstrating the value of enablement in driving business success.
  • Understanding the transformative role of AI in enhancing enablement and influencing business initiatives.

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