Take part in SEC's Gold Standard Prospecting report!

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Finding new business is one of - if not the - most important part of the sales cycle.

No leads means no sales; and no sales means no revenue.

At SEC we're partnering with LeadIQ to investigate how successful teams handle prospect management.

If you're in any way involved in prospect management, or oversee SDRs and AEs, complete the survey and we'll send you the final report.

We want to better understand how companies prospect today, what they do well, what they struggle with, and how they handle the relationship between SDRs and AEs.

SDRs and AEs are both vital to the prospecting process, but they do have different roles and good cooperation between the two can be the difference between good revenue figures and great ones.

Through this survey we hope to highlight how sales teams can more proactively prospect the right accounts and right buying teams at the right time.