The core pillars of sales enablement: eBook

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Are you looking to kickstart your enablement career? Or maybe you want to refresh your foundational knowledge?

Join us and set your sales enablement career up for success! Prepare to revolutionize your approach, exceed expectations, and become an invaluable asset to your organization by nailing the foundations of the functions. 

Introducing our newest eBook, informed by our comprehensive Sales Enablement Certified: Core course. 

In this eBook, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the core pillars of sales enablement - something that the course itself dives into, giving you a taste of the immense knowledge inside.

Our free eBook lets you dip your toes into an ocean of enablement knowledge, examining the core pillars of the function. You'll learn:

  • What sales enablement is
  • The core pillars of sales enablement:
    • 1. Cross-functional alignment
    • 2. Sales onboarding and training
    • 3. Customer-centricity
    • 4. Sales enablement content
    • 5. Metrics and measurement
    • 6. Tech and tools
  • Next steps

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