The essential guide to sales plays [eBook]

Arm your reps with everything they need to know, say, show, and do no matter the selling situation. 🔥

Every sales conversation is unique. From the prospect's persona, pain points, goals, budgets, competitive alternatives, and more, there are endless directions a call can go.

But you already knew that.

So, in a world where sellers are up against a magnitude of modern challenges, they need modern solutions. And that's where this eBook comes in.

We breakdown:

→ The elements of a truly effective sales play
→ The types of sales plays out there (incl. coaching-enabled, action-based, initiative-based, audience-based, and topic-based)
→ How to measure adoption and the success of your sales plays
→ Setting goals and getting started
→ Sales play diagnostics

...and more.

If you want your seller to do something new or different, you need to be specific about what exactly you want them to do - and this is where many organizations fall short.

And this is precisely what this eBook looks to solve.

So, whether your sellers don’t have a single place to find what they need or they never really understood what "good" looks like, grab your copy and equip every rep with the ultimate, modern sales play.