The impact of digital key account management on sales enablement [eBook]


Harness the power of digital to increase sales efficiencies and maximize revenue.📱

Gone are the days of silos, lack of automation and poor upselling strategies.

In the past, key account management (KAM) was often seen as a slow and manual process, with sales teams relying on traditional methods of communication and engagement.

Today, the digital transformation of KAM is well underway, and with it comes offering new ways to manage accounts and drive a wave of growth opportunities. 🌊

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Get your copy and explore how digital is powering this new wave of growth in KAM and its subsequent impact on sales enablement. 💪

Key takeaways:

❓Overcome challenges in account planning processes, account retention and upselling strategies.

🧠 Institutionalize account intelligence & enhanced standardization through KAM.

✅ Apply the dos and don'ts of digital KAM solutions to build successful sales enablement.