The Rise of Revenue Enablement

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Is enablement that focuses only on those with ‘sales’ in their job title about to become obsolete?

We interviewed a host of experts to find out and put the Rise of Revenue Enablement report together for revenue and enablement professionals who want to turn their organizations into consistent revenue-generating powerhouses.

Brought to you in partnership with Spekit, this report includes tips and tactics from revenue and enablement leaders at brands including Juniper Networks, UserZoom and IBM - and explains how to:

  • Inspire a culture where everyone with a customer-facing role is seen as a seller.
  • Embed the processes needed to keep generating consistent, predictable revenue.
  • Impact your organization’s bottom line with data-backed decisions.

What is revenue enablement?

Revenue generation doesn’t begin or end with closing a deal. That’s why we’re starting to hear the phrase ‘revenue enablement’ - which recognizes the impact of every role that touches the customer journey and brings in those dollars - and keeps them in the business through sales, upsells, cross-sells and renewals.

This is a more holistic, 360-degree view of enablement, that takes into account every customer-facing team- from marketing, to sales, AEs and customer success.

Why strategic revenue enablement is the way forward

So much of an organization's revenue (especially in B2B SaaS) comes from expansions, the term ‘revenue enablement’ has emerged in recognition of the fact that, in many cases, it’s enablement’s role to support the broader organizational revenue goals, processes and tools that make a sale happen - and drive consistent, predictable revenue streams.

It’s about enabling the full-funnel. This joined-up approach is key to bolstering ARR by reducing churn and improving opportunities for upselling.

Customers expect ongoing, seamless support throughout the lifecycle of their relationship with a company (not just handed off after a sale) - and as orgs realize the power and value of the customer experience, it makes sense to develop a revenue enablement function that can ensure that all teams are aligned on providing that.

Melanie Fellay, CEO & Co-Founder of Spekit, says:

"If you’re able to take more of an end-to-end lens, you’ll have a much more consistent approach to your enablement that will hopefully reduce the friction and inconsistencies between approach and messaging. Suddenly, the same person who’s thinking about how to make the AE successful is also thinking about how to make CS successful.

"When you have the same team focused on enablement throughout every touchpoint, you’ll see more consistency in process, approach, hand-offs and ultimately, delivery"

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Hang Black, VP of Revenue Enablement, Juniper Networks

Jaclyn D’Arcy, Director of Revenue Enablement, GHX

Melanie Fellay, CEO, Spekit

Bryan Grobstein, Director of Revenue Enablement, Lunchbox

Brandon Jones, VP of Revenue, PAAY

Carly Lehner, Head of Revenue Enablement, Andela

Spenser Miller-Fellows, Sales Enablement Leader, Invicti

John Moore, VP of Revenue Enablement, Bigtincan

Kunal Pandya, Director of Sales Enablement, UserZoom

Leore Spira, Head of Revenue Operations, Syte

Brandon Vasciannie, Digital Marketing Manager, Bigtincan

Christi Wall, Head of Revenue Enablement & Operations, SecZetta

Georgia Watson, Sales Enablement & Skills Transformation, Technology Unit (EMEA), IBM