The sales coaching handbook

Sales coaching is the most successful technique in delivering results, hitting targets, and boosting morale. This eBook breaks down how you can master your sales coaching skills and reap those rewards.

When you get sales coaching right, you end up with a team of revenue-generating machines.

When you get it wrong, you end up with underwhelmed prospects, missed targets, stressed sales teams, and high attrition.

Needless to say, sales coaching is a core and instrumental element of sales enablement.

The problem?

It’s often ill-defined and applied in a less-than-optimum fashion - which is where this handbook comes in.

Packed with practical tools, techniques, and tactics, it’s designed to ensure every single enabler is…enabled to drive coaching that delivers results.

Grab your copy if you want to walk away with:

  • An accurate definition of what sales coaching really is - as well as what it isn’t.
  • How sales coaching differs for different sectors - and why it’s important to tailor your approach.
  • How to create a coaching-driven culture and ensure everyone’s comfortable, encouraged, and motivated to attempt new techniques.
  • How to actually deliver kick-ass sales coaching!
  • Insights on adapting your coaching style to individual needs.
  • A comparative look at the current state of sales coaching against the norm of the past.
  • How to measure the impact of all your sales coaching work.
  • How to simply, smoothly, and positively affect cultural change.

Plus. So. Much. More.