Top 20 Sales Enablement Influencers 2020

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In everything we do, the SEC aims to celebrate and elevate the role of sales enablement – and this report is to recognize the experts, inspirers, leaders, and game-changers of the industry. The influencers.

The Top 20 Sales Enablement Influencers 2020 report celebrates and showcases those sales enablement professionals who have gone above and beyond during the strange times we've experienced over the past 12 months to inspire others and elevate the profession’s profile.

Whether it's launching a new program, implementing (or even building) cutting-edge enablement tools, or devising innovative training and coaching schemes, we wanted to shine a spotlight on those who’ve demonstrated a particular ability to collaborate, build relationships, and above all else, deliver results.

Sales enablement in 2020

We’ve seen the buyer journey become even more complicated, with B2B customers finding it harder to make buying decisions and negotiate budgets. More than ever, sellers have needed the right blend of skills to understand friction points and build relationships, relevant content to support their messaging, and the technology to allow meaningful conversations to unfold.

They've looked to sales enablement to support them - and they haven’t been let down.

Presenting… your sales enablement role models of 2020

It was one heck of a mission we set ourselves, but we’ve managed to whittle our shortlist down.

  1. Brenda Basista, Sr Manager, Sales Enablement: Global Inside Sales, PayPal
  2. Hang Black, VP, Global Revenue Enablement, Juniper Networks
  3. Sophia Demetriades Toftdahl, Channel Enablement Manager, 8x8
  4. Aaron Evans, Director of Sales Enablement, GlobalData Plc
  5. Jamin Fochtman, Head of Sales Enablement, Addepar
  6. Willa Fogarty, Manager, Training and Enablement, Pandora/SiriusXM
  7. Rob Gray, Head of Cloud Learner Experience, Google
  8. Nicolas Lihou, Head of Sales Enablement & Channel Marketing, Cegid
  9. Giulio Magni, Sales Enablement Director, Mimecast
  10. Stephanie Middaugh, Creator & Host, Building Enablement
  11. John Moore, Vice President of Revenue Enablement at Bigtincan
  12. George Pastidis, Head of Sales Enablement Programs, Ericsson
  13. Tim Peterson, Director of Sales Enablement, PagerDuty
  14. Adriana Romero, Director, Enablement Solutions, LevelJump
  15. Matt Scheitle, Sr. Revenue Enablement Specialist, Hudl
  16. Whitney Sieck, Sr. Director of Enablement, Outreach
  17. Irina Soriano, Head of Enablement, Seismic
  18. Gaëlle Soussan-Elgazar, Global Sales Enablement Manager, HP
  19. Laura Stevenson, Senior Director, Product Marketing, AppDirect
  20. Georgia Watson, Enablement, Cloud & Cognitive, Middle East & Africa, IBM

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