Aaaaaand drum roll...🥁  Our inaugural Sales Enablement Salary Survey has landed!

Our report reveals all about sales enablement salaries by region, industry, career, level, product and much more.

What does it cover?

  • Global salaries
  • Commission & bonuses
  • Salary satisfaction
  • Pay progression
  • Industry & market
  • Company factors
  • Organizational structure
  • Career development

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We gave a select few enablers an early sneak peek at the results. Here’s what they said:

“It’s critically important to get buy-in from your company's leadership about what 'good' looks like and what you're responsible for impacting as it seems to have a direct correlation to your salary and ability to earn a living in this field.”


“What was interesting to me personally is that over half of your respondents said they didn't feel their salary represented the value of sales enablement. It seems we professionals in the industry have an opportunity to do some education around this.”

What will your reaction be?

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Here’s an excerpt from our salary satisfaction section to get you going…

We asked, how satisfied are sales enablers with their salary?

It’s not a massive shock that those who said they’re most satisfied by their wage earned, on average, $121,200, way over the overall average of $107,500. Less than a fifth said they were ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’ with their current salary.

When asked if there was one thing they could change about their compensation, other than salary, some of the most popular answers included: stock options, bonus/incentives more closely aligned with sales targets, career growth path, more training opportunities, quarterly pay reviews, more annual leave, more sick leave, maternity pay, 401K match, job title change, and being able to hire more staff.

When we look at salary satisfaction by job title, we can see that half of Directors are ‘not very happy’ with their salary - and more likely to say so than any other role. Sales Enablement Executives are the ones most likely to declare themselves ‘unhappy’. This dissatisfaction among those higher up the job title chain perhaps suggests they feel they're not properly rewarded for the extra responsibility and accountability.

Senior Sales Enablement Managers are most likely to report they are ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’ than the other roles (but equally likely to say they’re ‘not very happy’).

Is your salary reflective of your role and everything it entails?

Just a quarter of our respondents agreed they…

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