With 2022 officially in the books, the new year is upon us.

Last year, with the help of the community, we shone a spotlight on more than 20 sales enablement professionals that were ones to watch in 2022.

The response was tremendous - so for 2023 we’ve gone even bigger.

2023’s Ones to Watch report features 50 enablement pros that you need to have on your radar this year.

Between the advice they post on LinkedIn, the wisdom they share across enablement events, and their helpful presence around the enablement community - these 50 stars are must-follows to elevate your career.

But this isn’t just a list of names.

We also asked them to share their expertise with you on a range of topics, so inside you’ll find these stars’ thoughts on:

  • The best piece of advice for budding sales enablers
  • Their 2023 sales enablement predictions
  • The biggest takeaways from the previous year
  • Their 2022 career highlights

Where else are you going to find dozens of nuggets of sales enablement wisdom all in one place?

Download SEC’s Ones to Watch 2023 report and make it yours.