Sales Enablement Collective | Ambassadors

Are you looking to elevate your personal brand in sales enablement? Then our ambassador program is the perfect choice for you!

Designed to give you the space to establish yourself in sales enablement, we can tailor the program to be exactly what you need it to be. 🤝

We want it to be as beneficial for you as it is for us! Best of all? It’s just a 6-month commitment. 🗓️

With opportunities to grow your network, contribute to professional content, run community events, and empower enablers worldwide, we’ve got you covered!

We’d love for you to be a part of it. 🥳

🎉 Applications close May 7 🎉

What’s involved?

We want to make sure that it’s as beneficial for you as it is for the community. To do that, we’ve created two routes you can take, based on your personal preference, each with specific perks:

⭐ Content Ambassador

Love our content? Want to contribute in specific ways? This is the best route for you.

✍️ Contribute 3 pieces of content per ambassadorship

These could be

✓ Blogs
✓ Podcast
✓ Case Study
✓ Webinar/Panels
✓ Mentorship

⭐️ Chapter Lead Ambassador

Are you currently running meetups in your area? Or do you want to? Try this route.

🤝 Host 2 regional meetups per ambassadorship
There are two types, click for details 👇
- Virtual Meet Ups 🧑‍💻
- In-person Meet Ups ☕️

🤑 Benefits and perks

🎖6 months of free SEC Pro Membership


💡 Access to an exclusive network
📚 Early access to reports
📝 Early access to new courses
🎖Reputable stamp on CV
🧑‍🏫 Special rates across all products

🖥️ Free access to our virtual events
📢 Reciprocal promotion on socials
🎯 Input into shaping the future of SEC
🌐 Ambassador networking opportunities

🚨 Terms and Conditions 

Terms and Conditions of the Sales Enablement Collective's Ambassador program

  • If you work for a vendor or a potential sponsor of our community, we unfortunately won’t be able to accept your ambassador application due to the lead generation opportunities the program provides.
  • We are not able to accept ambassadors who are in between jobs. However, if anything changes you are welcome to reapply for the next cohort. We re-open applications every 6 months.
  • Are you a consultant, business coach or self-employed professional? We wish you all of the best, but won’t be able to accept your ambassador application due to the lead generation opportunities the program provides.
  • We need to be in consistent communication with you during your time in the ambassador program, if you do not reply to us on Slack or email over a two month period, we will have to end your ambassador program participation prematurely.
  • At the end of your commitment time, if you don’t meet the agreed upon expectations, we won’t be able to continue your participation in the program.
  • We love transparency, and so if at any time during your commitment period you have a change in your job title or circumstance, please do let us know at your earliest convenience.
  • We know there are other ambassador programs out there just like ours, and we won’t stop you from joining them, but we would appreciate that you let us know so that we are aware of this as a community.

👀 You can also get our one-pager and terms and conditions as a PDF.

Be the change, become a Sales Enablement Collective ambassador.

Sounds good so far? Great - you can apply to be an ambassador for Sales Enablement Collective below. 👇

The form shouldn’t take any longer than 2 minutes to complete, and after reviewing your application we'll reach out to discuss the next steps!

In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions, get in touch with us.

Who else is in our ambassador program?

Check out some of our other amazing ambassadors here.

What does a Sales Enablement Collective ambassador look like?

✨ Enthusiastic

Put simply, we want ambassadors that are super into enablement. It's the whole reason we started Sales Enablement Collective, and love working with people who have the same passion for the role!

📈 Engaged

Don't worry, we're not just after people who post eighty times a day (although if that's you, that's awesome too!) But we do like ambassadors to be active and clued-in members of the online community, as that makes building awareness of sales enablement that much easier.

🤝 Committed

We're in it for the long run, and we hope our ambassadors will be, too. This doesn't mean we'll be putting loads on your plate - we're just looking for a two-way partnership.

How can ambassadors help the Sales Enablement Collective Community?

👋Expand our international community.

We've got some great resources - and sharing is caring. We want to get as many people around the world excited about sales enablement as we can, and ambassadors are key to helping us do that!

🗣️Define the role and amplify fresh voices.

Help us bring more people to Sales Enablement Collective - the more people who join, the more knowledge and the more influence we have in being able to help the community and advance the role of sales enablement.

Want to get involved, but maybe not as an ambassador?

That's totally fine - there's many different ways to be a contributor to the Sales Enablement Collective community. Here are just a few:

⌨️ Submit an article to the site
👩🏽‍💻 Join the Slack channel
📢 Speak at an event
❓ Feature in an Expert Interview

Please note:

As we receive a large number of ambassador applications, unfortunately, we aren't able to accept everyone onto the program.

We review ambassador contributions every 6 months and we reserve the right to remove them from the program at any time should we feel we no longer have a mutually beneficial relationship.