New year, new ideas, new speakers, and sparkling new content are all on offer at the next Chief Revenue Officer Summit - February 23.

Join 15+ inspirational revenue experts for one insightful day, filled with unbelievably good content.

You’ll be guided through:

👨🏼‍💼 Career progression
⚙️ Cross-functional strategies
📊 Data & metrics
🤖 Technology
🤝 Customer centricity

By this sensational lineup:

💥 IBM - Chief Revenue Officer
💥 Adobe - Chief Revenue Officer
💥 Student Beans - Chief Operating & Revenue Officer
💥 YouGov - Chief Revenue Officer
💥 Wix Answers - Chief Revenue Officer
💥 PayDashboard - Director of Revenue
💥 Source Intelligence - Chief Revenue Officer
💥 Prove Identity - Chief Revenue Officer
💥 Motus LLC - Chief Revenue Officer

…and more.

Why attend?

Sit back. Listen. Master being a CRO.
Join the revenue experts as they dive into conversation and discuss all there is to know about leading your teams to success. Whether it's cross-functional collaboration, metrics and data, customer centricity or career progression, you'll get to hear about it, and more.

Conversation-focused for your convenience.
Don't get it twisted, we think presentations are great. But from time to time we love to put our headphones in and listen to what the experts are saying - without the need to focus on a screen. That's why, for the first time, this summit will be conversation-led.

Check it out