Here at Sales Enablement Collective, we wanted to highlight the hard work of enablement professionals worldwide – and that’s why we collaborated with our fantastic community to recognize and showcase the enablers who are making waves in the enablement space. 

Each star on this list is a trailblazer who’s changing the game when it comes to highlighting the power of enablement within organizations!

If you’re looking for enablement professionals who need to be on your radar this year, this is the place to be.

Big congrats to those featured, and without any further ado, let’s dive in!


Regan Barker

Head of Sales and Sales Enablement

Regan is committed to enhancing B2B strategies in the professional services industry through thoughtful sales strategy and enablement. She believes in the power of data-driven approaches and practical methodologies to achieve tangible results. Her expertise in crafting effective go-to-market and outreach strategies is driven by a genuine desire for growth and positive outcomes for her stakeholders and her firm, Grant Thornton Australia Limited.

As Regan works with non-traditional salespeople such as accountants and lawyers, she focuses on being a supportive mentor and collaborator; guiding her stakeholders with humility and an understanding of the challenges they face. In turn, this helps build the individuals confidence, understanding and ability to be more successful in their chosen markets.

Regan is passionate about making a real difference in the professional services sector, helping organisations and individuals achieve their goals through refined sales strategies and enablement techniques. Since taking on the role, she has doubled revenue through inbound sales channels and has contributed to the increase in effective sales behaviours and revenue growth across the firm.

Brooke Coletti

Sr. Scaled Go-To-Market Enablement Manager

Brooke is known for continuously seeking better ways to enable internal and external teams. During her tenure, she has designed, built, and scaled enablement programs from the ground up that have proven key in driving towards current and long-term corporate revenue goals. Her holistic enablement approach encompasses the entire learning cycle from initial strategy through execution and reinforcement.

Brooke leads the global enablement strategy for the AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) that was announced at AWS re:Invent in 2023. The executed enablement strategy set the standard and foundation that is being replicated for high-priority initiatives throughout AWS in 2024.

Brooke is an SEC Ambassador, Women is Sales Enablement (WiSE) Leader, and the Vice President of Training and Development for the Women at AWS affinity group. Brooke is based in California with her husband and two young children. Brooke cannot wait to see what impact she can make in 2024 to continue to improve and streamline the AWS learning experience.

Jenn Glabicky

Director of Revenue Enablement

From small to large companies, Jenn has always been committed to operational excellence. Jenn is a true problem solver, approaching challenges with conscientiousness and a collaborative spirit.

Her remarkable flexibility in adapting to changing environments has played a pivotal role in her becoming a recognized leader among her peers. Notably, her swift comprehension of a company’s "Go to Market" strategy and the subsequent development of key enablement functions for global sales segments highlight her exceptional capabilities.

Her spirit is a catalyst for enthusiasm, devotion, innovation, and robust partnerships, fortifying the integrity of any business. This ability not only instills trust but also drives results even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Jenn is looking forward to sharing her knowledge at upcoming SEC and RevOps events in 2024.

Sarah Gross

VP of Revenue Enablement

Sarah lives by the motto "make your life a story worth telling".

Currently she partners with all roles across the customer lifecycle as the VP of Enablement at Procore. Previously at RingCentral Sarah built the enablement team from a one woman show to a team of 55 with 1 enabler dedicated to every 75 reps and established the business partnership team at Gartner.

She enables highly successful revenue teams constantly measuring what works and does not then providing the metrics to her revenue partners to partner on structured enablement plan.

Jonathan Kvarfordt

Head of GTM Revenue Enablement & Product Marketing

Jonathan thrives on seeing people smash their goals!

With a 25-year history in sales across diverse sectors, and a decade plus in enablement, he's kick-started three programs from the ground up and refined enablement strategies for Fortune 500 giants.

Today, as the Head of GTM Revenue Enablement and Product Marketing at Simetrik, he's steering new frontiers. Jonathan is also the proud founder of GTM AI Academy, where he's reshaping the future of go-to-market strategies with a blend of AI and human brilliance, and a Founding Revenue Consultant with Sales Velocity Labs.

Jonathan is still loving every bit of this journey and this community!

Nick Lawrence

Sales Enablement Professional

Nick Lawrence writes about enabling sales performance by prioritizing an "environment-based" approach.

He believes that for Sales Enablement to elevate into the strategic function we strive to be, we must think beyond only enabling knowledge and skills via learning and training events.

To enable performance, Nick advocates for first defining, deconstructing, and measuring performance, followed by analyzing performance to identify the largest potential for improvement, and finally, taking a holistic approach to engineer an environment that drives and sustains high performance.

Lucy Lee


Lucy has a proven track record as a highly successful Sales Professional with a diverse background in start-ups, scale-ups, and established corporate enterprises.

Demonstrating her versatility, she made a strategic transition into Revenue Enablement, where she has excelled in collaborating with stakeholders to cultivate and expand international Sales Development Representative (SDR), Account Executive (AE) and Customer Success (CSM) teams.

Moreover, Lucy has played a pivotal role in implementing robust processes and systems across global teams, further solidifying her reputation as a dynamic and results-driven professional. Lucy's passion lies in fostering top-performing sales teams, providing ongoing support throughout their professional journeys, and strategically positioning individuals for sustained success.

Lucy's commitment to excellence underscores her dedication to empowering sales professionals and optimising their career trajectories.

Carly Lehner

Enablement Business Partner

Carly is a highly accomplished and results-driven professional with over 10 years of experience in Revenue Enablement.

She has a proven track record in leading global strategy and execution of Enablement initiatives at start ups like Axiom and Andela, and now oversees the Enablement efforts for the Cloud Sales teams in EMEA at Salesforce.

Carly specialises in creating efficient sales processes, developing training programmes, and driving revenue growth in partnership with sales leadership. She has been recognised for designing and implementing innovative learning strategies, including the creation of micro-learning lessons and sales process playbooks.

She has been the host of the Enablement Brew podcast alongside Malvina El-Sayegh for the past 2.5 years, which has had executives from and Showpad on the show, as well as Ted McKenna, co-author of the Challenger Sale and JOLT Effect.

Britta Lorenz

Founder of Britta Lorenz - Be Human, Associate at Growth Matters International

Britta specializes in enhancing sales execution and unlocking human potential.

She is adept at boosting sales team performance with over 15 years of experience in B2B sales. She helps organizations embed practical sales disciplines for sustainable business growth, underpinned by the belief that no amount of training, no amount of consulting, and no amount of enablement will have any sustainable impact on sales performance without an investment into Sales Management.

She is also a proponent of diversity and spends her time mentoring and sharing her knowledge with the enablement community.


Alan McIntosh

Senior Manager, International Channel Enablement

Alan has a background in sales spanning more than 25 years, 15 of them in Enablement, across the hardware, SaaS, and Telecoms sectors, with roles at UK, EMEA, and Global levels . He remains continually surprised people can understand his Scottish accent!

Currently leading international Channel enablement for RingCentral Alan has a passion for ensuring sales representatives are not only competent and confident but also deeply motivated to engage with customers and partners, understand their problems, and drive business by offering effective solutions.

Living by the philosophy of "run to the fire" he firmly believes in building rock solid stakeholder relationships, not being afraid to challenge and start with "Why?" before taking action.

This approach has proven instrumental in navigating an ever changing industry and driving quality and consistent enablement at scale in very dynamic business environments.

Jackie (Jacqueline) Menzel

Founder / Owner, JM - Advisory Sales Enablement | Onboarding | Collaboration

As seasoned Sales Enablement & Onboarding Expert Jackie brings a new flavor of experience to enablement in Europe.

With her wealth of experience and her boundless passion for coaching and mentoring, she uplifts others with every interaction. She truly loves to share what she knows - get ready to be inspired!

As a widely appreciated subject matter expert, she is certainly one to watch in the coming year.

Connect with her if you need short term consultative enablement or onboarding expertise, maybe even in German or Dutch - she is the one!

Del Nakhi, CCMP™

CEO | Coach | Consultant

Del’s known for her ability to lead with empathy, coach impactfully, communicate effectively and see the forest AND the trees (a.k.a. balance strategic thinking with detailed planning).

Recognizing that every individual is a change agent, leadership is learned but not developed and that companies need to change how they lead change, Del established Lead to Catalyze to cultivate catalysts at every company who drive growth, with empathy and intention.

Del empowers professionals to amplify their voices, lead with impact and be catalysts for growth, while equipping businesses to go beyond conventional change tactics to turn business strategy into results.

Using nearly two decades of expertise in leadership, business growth and organizational change, Del helps her clients build high-performance cultures, increase employee engagement and achieve bold goals, through one-on-one coaching, leadership development and business consulting services.

Del co-created the Change Management Masters course with SEC – released in February – for enablement and GTM professionals. Join Del at the Sales Enablement Summit in Denver this April to hear her keynote on change management strategies in 2024.

Christian Palmer

Senior Manager, Sales Enablement

Christian is deeply passionate about working with and developing people.

He has the ability to over communicate and build rapport, which has empowered him to impact businesses in multiple capacities, industries and stages of maturity.

He has over 10 years of sales and enablement experience and can be found sharing enablement ideas on LinkedIn within various podcasts and LinkedIn Lives, while also sprinkling in the occasional joke!

While Christian contributes to these perspectives frequently, he also spends time mentoring other professionals on a variety of topics including the job search, communicating effectively, and enablement challenges..

Kunal Pandya

VP Global Revenue Enablement

Kunal is a distinguished revenue enablement leader, renowned for revolutionising the profession from a traditionally reactive cost center into a strategic business driver focused on revenue impact. With over 20 years of experience, he has been instrumental in scaling B2B SaaS companies through innovative and impactful enablement strategies that emphasise ROI and revenue impact.

Kunal's forward-thinking approach has established him as a thought leader in the enablement space, where his insights and methodologies set industry benchmarks and inspire change. Beyond his strategic contributions, Kunal is deeply committed to nurturing talent within the field. As a mentor, he has guided numerous enablement professionals, helping them to enhance their skills and elevate their careers.

His passion for development and empowerment is evident in his role as the founder of Sales Velocity Labs, a pioneering initiative designed to foster excellence and innovation in sales enablement practices.

As VP Revenue Enablement at Corsearch, Kunal continues to drive advancements in the profession, making significant contributions to the success of the company and the broader enablement community. His work not only exemplifies leadership but also embodies a dedication to the continuous evolution and recognition of revenue enablement as a critical business driver.

Edurne Rodriguez

Head of Sales Enablement and Training

Edurne is a global leader in Revenue Enablement, known for their strategic acumen and ability to drive significant growth across industries.

With a focus on innovation and cross-functional collaboration, Edurne has a proven track record of optimising operations to maximize profitability and efficiency.

Their hands-on approach and keen eye for detail have enabled high-performing teams to develop and implement transformative business solutions. Edurne is deeply committed to the advancement of the revenue enablement field, sharing insights and mentoring emerging talent within the community.

With a unique blend of strategic thinking and practical execution, Edurne has become a respected voice in revenue enablement, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible in driving organizational success.


Ellie Salicetti

Senior Revenue Enablement Manager

Ellie Salicetti, with a decade of experience in the B2B SaaS hyper-growth sector, has established herself as a forward-thinking and results-driven leader.

Her expertise lies in crafting and leading training programs that tackle emerging business challenges while implementing innovative learning strategies to enhance employee capabilities and drive revenue growth.

Joining as the 77th employee, she played a pivotal role in her company's expansion to over 700 employees and its successful IPO. Her proficiency in developing and scaling training programs from the ground up has been instrumental in meeting unique organizational needs.

This approach has cultivated an environment that promotes employee satisfaction and high performance, optimizing training initiatives for substantial business impact.

As the head of Revenue Enablement at a leading cybersecurity company, she is passionate about leveraging AI to become a more efficient cost center supporting Red Sift in its mission to safeguard organizations and individuals.

Jocelle Sarenpa

Director of Sales Enablement and Training

Fueled by an insatiable passion for learning and personal growth combined with a genuine fascination for human connection and communication, Jocelle Sarenpa has found her true calling in the dynamic realm of sales enablement.

As the Director of Sales Enablement & Training at Field Nation, she is focused on designing and implementing programs to support the strategic initiatives for the revenue team.

Drawing from two decades of experience spanning diverse sales environments from B2C to B2B and across various industries, Jocelle brings a fresh and insightful perspective to the modern seller’s playbook

Matt Schalsey

Director of Enablement

As an Enablement and Go-to-Market Strategist with a decade of experience, Matt possesses deep expertise in direct sales and customer success, fundamentally understanding the customer buying process.

He excels in creating effective processes, leading successful initiatives, and empowering managers with impactful playbooks, embodying the essence of Sales Enablement to drive organizational transformation and industry success.

Matt has cultivated a leadership mindset, while significantly impacting others while continuously educating himself to be a stronger motivator and sales enabler.

With a decorated career and a continuous thirst for knowledge, he is committed to elevating those around him, viewing his extensive experience not as a culmination but as a springboard for further growth and mentorship.

This is Matt's 4th year in a row being One to Watch with SEC.

Ben Schneider

Director of Sales Training and Enablement

Ben has an extensive background in sales enablement with over 10 years of experience and success. Ben has enabled over 1000 employees within the fintech, cybersecurity, liquor/wine, and healthcare space.

With a focus on developing talent and enhancing organizational effectiveness, he has led initiatives in on-boarding and ever-boarding, channel enablement, DEI, and talent development throughout his career.

Ben strives to connect at the human level, by identifying all learner’s needs and goals, acting as a mentor and guide, and matching learners’ personal missions with the company's mission.

Kieran Smith

Enablement leader

Kieran is a passionate enablement leader who has a keen focus on the impact and measurability of strategic and effective enablement programs that drive revenue performance.

Kieran is also a thought leader in the conversation intelligence space and that comes from his passion for coaching and sales as a profession.

Kieran is also the host of the Enablement Evolved Podcast, as well as having been a speaker at the Sales Enablement Summit in London.

Alina Spatariu

Sales Enablement Manager

Alina Spatariu is currently a Sales Enablement Manager at RingCentral, supporting different fields and regions.

Specialising in Sales Processes, Sales Velocity and Pipeline Generation, she uses that experience to train, coach and support the RingCentral sales teams to achieve the highest targets possible.

Her passion for Enablement is one of her most important drivers to reach her main goal: to make the sales engine successful!

Shannon Story

Sales Enablement Manager

With a robust background spanning Education, EdTech, and Tech Sales Enablement, Shannon is a dynamic professional passionate about innovation and problem-solving.

A collaborative force, she consistently engages cross-functional teams to achieve both short-term wins and long-term objectives. Excelling in finding innovative solutions and strategically implementing systems to enhance operational efficiency, Shannon stands out as a natural connector who thrives on building relationships and fostering shared opportunities, growth, and success.

With a proven track record of success, Shannon thrives in opportunities to create solutions and build relationships, leveraging strong organizational skills to avoid pitfalls and foresee strategic stumbling blocks.

As the embodiment of Enneagram 8, she brings unyielding passion, honesty, and a relentless pursuit of improvement to every endeavor.

Additionally, Shannon is the co-lead and founder of the Florida Chapter of Women in Sales Enablement (WiSE), which connects women in the sales enablement landscape for collaboration and upskilling

Georgia Watson

Sales Enablement Leader

Georgia Watson is an Enablement leader passionate about transforming skills and culture to maximize performance.

With experience spanning the technology and education sectors, Georgia has garnered accolades for driving business revenue through innovative Enablement and Learning approaches across Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Now back on home turf of Australia, Georgia is leading Enablement for IBM’s newly formed ANZ market.

Committed to helping others grow, Georgia is active member of the Enablement community connecting enablers and supporting the mission of uplifting the profession.

When she is not working, Georgia continues quest for work, life and family balance, enjoys playing superheroes with her sons, or hiding from them while trying to sneak in some yoga.

Stephanie White

Enablement leader

With almost 20 years of Revenue Enablement, Sales, Marketing and Operations experience, Stephanie is an incredibly passionate Sales Enablement leader, committed to elevating sales.

She is an SEC Ambassador, 2023 Enablement Legends Award Winner and 2023 Power Selling Enablement Excellence Award Winner. Coming into 2024, she’s launching new projects to support others.

Based in Toronto, Canada, you'll often find Stephanie engaged in Sales and Enablement panels, conferences and podcasts, creating content and sharing insights on how to hone our craft.