This article comes from Irina Soriano’s insightful talk, ‘The Enablement Value Chain’, at our 2023 Denver Sales Enablement Summit, check out her full presentation here.

What if I told you there was a way to finally break your sales enablement efforts out of neutral and shift them into overdrive? 

That there’s a proven framework to align your analytics, partnerships, and enablement team operating model in a unified approach that demonstrably improves seller behavior and business outcomes?

Well, there is - introducing the Enablement Value Chain (EVC)

As the VP of Enablement at Seismic, I've spent over a decade moving through different enablement roles and regions, always on the lookout for that elusive “enablement engine”. 

When I joined Seismic four years ago, I finally found it in the EVC, and now I'm here to share the secrets!

In this article, I'll dive into the core components that make up the EVC and how implementing this approach can level up your sales enablement impact across the business. 

Ready to turn your enablement efforts up to a level 10? 

What is the Enablement Value Chain?

At its core, the EVC is the "engine" that powers our entire sales enablement approach. It's a strategic framework made up of interconnected components:

The 360 enablement teams

These are the buying teams and value teams that we enable across the entire customer lifecycle. 

Think sales, customer success, professional services - basically everyone who is customer-facing. We call this 360 enablement or revenue enablement.

Tying these 360 teams together is the "unifying thread" made up of four key elements:

1) The customer lifecycle - Having a clearly defined way to map out the steps customers go through from awareness to retention. 

2) The field methodology - The unified methodology and core value story that threads through your pre and post-sales motions.

3) The field process - The internal processes that your teams follow as they progress opportunities and customers through the lifecycle.

4) The skills program - The core skills and competencies required across all customer-facing roles to effectively execute the methodology.