Is Virtual the New Reality for Sales Enablement?

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2020: none of us saw that coming, did we? Face masks, abandoned offices. Zoom hair. But sales enablers are nothing if not adaptable, resilient, and resourceful.

And there’s nothing more valuable than learning from the real-life experiences of others, especially from senior professionals in your industry, right?

So we hooked up with sales enablement professionals across a range of sectors, business sizes and geographies to bring you the report: ‘Is Virtual the New Reality? Sales Enablement in Times of Crisis’...

Why do I need this report?

You'll get some frank stories about the challenges they’ve faced since the Covid pandemic, a glimpse behind the scenes of how they’ve adapted and innovated, as well as insight and inspiration for:

  • Restructuring SE training and coaching
  • Replicating that informal ‘learning by osmosis’
  • Enabling reps to be more self-sufficient
  • Maintaining culture in a virtual landscape
  • Recreating the same buzz online for SKOs

What will the report tell me about sales enablement in times of crisis?

Here are just a handful of tips we've cherry-picked from this report...

How do you make yourself available to support and coach reps in a virtual environment?

“Set up a specific hour on Zoom twice a week where reps or managers can log in and ask questions.”

How do you recreate the natural, informal learning that takes place in an office setting?

“Ask new starters to proactively contact their colleagues and ask to shadow calls. Empower and support them to own their training.”

How do you shake off attention fatigue during online training sessions?

“Break your modules up into smaller bite-sized chunks. Have fewer learning objectives. Change up the format in which you provide learning material.”

How do you inspire confidence among reps who need to be comfortable speaking to customers via video?

“Get them to record themselves delivering the elevator pitch and provide constructive feedback.”

How do you maintain your sense of culture and community?

“Have an ‘ice cream’ Thursday where you have them delivered and eat them together online!”

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Thomas Cheriyan, Sales Enablement Manager, OwnBackup

Phil Chew, Partner, WGR Consulting

Tanya Jeffers-McAllister, Head of Advice Center and former Director, Sales Practice Effectiveness, RBC Insurance

Adriana Romero, Director Enablement Solutions at and former GTM Enablement Manager, Clearbanc

John Moore, Vice President of Revenue Enablement and Value Creator, Bigtincan

Steve Reid, Founder & Principal Consultant at Venatas, and former Head of Sales Enablement, Kazoo

Ashton Williams, Sales Enablement Manager, Ada

Brian Goonan, Principal, Sales & Service Consulting, Customer Practice, EY

Laura Stevenson, Senior Director Product Marketing, AppDirect

Joshua Schnoll, VP of Marketing, AppDirect