The last few years have escalated the need to have an aligned team that truly understand one another.

Sales enablement leaders are now expected to know about their entire organization, despite remote working making them less able to see the full picture.

Watch this session and learn how executives and sales leaders are quickly and accurately assessing their teams needs in real-time.

Watch and learn how to:

✅ Make it easy for your team to collaborate on ideas.

✅ Learn what your team actually think about a strategy.

✅ Make better, more informed decisions faster.


Aaron Mittler, VP of the Account Management Organization at Netsuite Oracle
Aaron leads a team of 450 people and is responsible for revenue growth from all NetSuite customers in North America. He has extensive experience with B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and has a successful track record of motivating teams to over-achieve.

Dave MacLeod, CEO & Founder at ThoughtExchange
ThoughtExchange is the world’s most advanced platform for scaling conversations. Millions of people have engaged with one another on the ThoughtExchange platform and Dave and the team work with leaders in almost every sector ranging from the world’s biggest companies to school districts to understand how to help them access their unheard majority and bring unbiased voice to their decision making.