Date | March 16-17
Location | The Convene, 117 West 46th Street, New York

What is the Revenue Operations Summit?

Great ideas don't happen in a vacuum! 🔭

Our summit series invites you to step out of your office and spark your inspiration.

With curated discussion panels and actionable keynotes, you're sure to return with a fresh perspective on your products and a game plan for growth and development.

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In March 2023, the Revenue Operations Summit will assemble the largest gathering of RevOps professionals from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups on the East Coast to share the success stories, experiences, and challenges of those who drive consistent and predictable interactions across the customer journey.

Speaker line up

The keys to RevTech success in 2023

Setting up your tech stack isn't a simple task. From identifying the areas tech is needed, to evaluating different vendors, to then rolling out the new solution, the process isn't simple or quick. This session will be your guide to separating the 'nice to haves' from the essentials in order to reduce your spend and streamline your tech stack.

Tactics for accelerating pipeline growth

In this session, our panel will be diving into the ins and outs of pipeline growth and how you can speed up the process of an account going through the sales funnel.

From specialist to VP. How to navigate a career in RevOps

This panel will sharing how they moved up the ranks in RevOps, what the different paths look like, and how you can get a hold on your career and find the role that's right for you.

Agenda highlights

📍Demystifying the world of RevOps careers
📍The evolution of RevOps. What’s next?
📍Accelerating pipeline growth
📍Connecting the dots between RevOps and enablement
📍The do’s and don’ts of growing a RevOps team
📍Addressing the biggest challenges facing RevOps leaders
📍#RevOpsProblems: reporting, analyzing, and presenting data
📍The keys to RevTech success in 2023
📍Leveraging the power of data to drive alignment
📍This is the way: how RevOps should use data to lead GTM decision making
📍Solo RevOps: building the function as the first hire
📍Developing and refining your RevOps strategy
📍The intersection of data and sales enablement
📍Strategies that drive alignment between GTM teams
📍Embedding RevOps as a strategic function in an organization
📍The future of revenue operations

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