Sales Enablement Forecast 2022 - download the report!

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Have you been struggling to keep up with the quickly changing sales enablement landscape? Unsure of what direction to bring the enablement function in your organization? Or maybe you're just curious about what your sales enablement peers are expecting and planning for the future?

Whatever the reason, the Sales Enablement Forecast Report 2022, in partnership with Seismic, is essential reading for anyone invested in sales enablement and its future.

What you'll get 🔥

  • The insights to inform your decisions, based on the latest industry trends.
  • A peek into where your peers (and competitors) are investing their resources.
  • An overview of investment priorities for tech stacks, onboarding, training & coaching, and SKOs.

A few interesting insights 🔎

  • More than 38% of your fellow sales enablers are aiming to tackle onboarding improvements
  • Just 12% think developing social selling skills is an immediate priority
  • Over 30% of your peers expect that adapting seller behavior to buyer preferences is going to be a sales enablement trend
  • Right now, only about 6% of participants’ sellers rely on guided selling or situational enablement, but more than 25% of our participants are planning to invest in it for the upcoming year

What did we ask our respondents? 💬

We asked 400 sales enablement practitioners from around the world about what they expect to see in sales enablement over the next 12 months, and how they're preparing for that. We asked our respondents:

  • What they thought were going to be the three biggest trends in sales enablement
  • The top three types of technology they are looking to invest in.
  • How they expect onboarding to look over the course of the next year - virtual, hybrid, or in-person?

And more...