Date | December 1- 2
Location | 133 Houndsditch, Liverpool Street, London

What is the Sales Enablement Summit? 🤔

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Our summit series invites you to step out of your office and spark your inspiration.

With curated discussion panels and actionable keynotes, you're sure to return with a fresh perspective on your products and a game plan for growth and development.

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In December 2022, Sales Enablement Summit will assemble the largest gathering of Sales Enablement leaders from the world’s largest companies and most exciting startups in London to share Sales Enablement success stories, experiences, and challenges of those who drive consistent and predictable interactions across the customer journey.

Speaker line up

Exploring Myths of Enablement
This session will be a reflection of the industry and sales enablement landscape. It will delve into the details over what has been learned and what practices are effective in the ongoing development of the enablement function.

How to Transform Enablement into a Strategic Function
This talk will look at how enablement is and should be considered as a highly strategic function. Looking at the US as an example, they have transformed enablement into a strategic function that, in turn, provides real evidence for its value on the company. This discussion will show how this is beneficial for the growth of enablement and its success within an organisational structure.

The Journey of a Sales Enablement Professional
Join Carly Lehner, Kieran Smith, and Emma Wishart as they discuss starting and growing a career in enablement. If you're a hiring manager who needs help identifying your future Enablement all-stars or are looking to make the move to Enablement, be sure to join us!

Agenda highlights

📍The Journey of a Sales Enablement Professional
📍Effective Scaling and Onboarding
📍Pushing for a Balanced Tech Stack
📍Key Considerations for Building an Enablement Program
📍Gaining Credibility for Sales Enablement at the C-Suite Level
📍How to Transform Enablement into a Strategic Function
📍Sales Training 101
📍Exploring Myths of Enablement
📍Why Enablement Teams are Needed within Organisations
📍Measuring the Success of Enablement through Data & Metrics
📍Enhancing Cross-Functional Collaboration
📍Digital Badging for SDR's and AE's

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