As we are kicking off 2023, sales and marketing leaders across the globe are looking to incorporate the latest trends and technologies as part of their overall go-to-market strategies.

And, with the increasing pressure of economic uncertainty, driving efficiency, productivity and results are at the heart of every decision.

From the metaverse to AI, there is no shortage of choices available; however, the most impactful way to reduce revenue leaks and grow success could be as simple as driving alignment between your sales and marketing teams.  

Sales and marketing misalignment is not a new idea. However, if left unresolved it will continue to impact revenue at every turn, from sub-par conversation rates, disjointed and inefficient workflows, to bad customer experiences.

In our latest European State of Sales and Marketing Alignment 2022 report we surveyed over 750 sales and marketing professionals in the UK, France and Germany.

71% of sales and marketing professionals agreed that a lack of alignment between their teams has had a negative impact on revenue.

The research uncovered pain points felt by both salespeople and marketers and their prominent barriers to success.

Misalignment appeared as a ‘red thread’ throughout the research, negatively impacting key areas for both teams including goals, content creation, sales success, training, measurement and analytics as well as revenue.

Still think sales and marketing don't need to sync?

These recent stats might change your mind!

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The impact of misalignment on salespeople and marketers in Europe

  • 43% of sales and marketing professionals agree that sales and marketing teams using separate systems to view and understand prospects and customers is the greatest technology challenge their teams are facing.
  • 74% of marketing teams across the UK, France and Germany believe that a lack of alignment between sales and marketing has significantly impacted revenue.

The impact of misalignment on sales professionals in Europe

  • 32% of salespeople believe one of their biggest obstacles to alignment is a lack of coordination and communication between the two functions.
  • 22% of sellers say that misaligned messaging with the marketing team is one of their main barriers to success.
  • 37% of salespeople aren’t confident they have the most up-to-date information in the assets they present to new prospects.

The impact of misalignment on marketing professionals in Europe

  • Up to 70% of content produced by B2B marketing organisations is unused by salespeople.
  • 45% of marketing professionals say one of their biggest barriers is too much content that is not properly tracked or approved as a result of multiple people working from multiple platforms.
  • 30% of marketers believe one of their biggest obstacles to alignment is a lack of coordination and communication between their two functions.

Why your business needs alignment

  • 46% of sales professionals say having good communication with the marketing teams drives sales confidence.
  • Companies that align sales and marketing teams achieve 24% faster growth rates and 27% faster profit growth, proving sales and marketing alignment is essential to sales success.
  • 72% of sales and marketing professionals surveyed agreed that implementing sales enablement is something their company should consider in the near future.

Futureproof your business

The bottom line is, a lack of alignment equals lost revenue.

Taking the time to ensure your sales and marketing teams are aligned will provide your business with the stability it needs to perform in 2023. It’s also the key to unlocking a new level of confidence for your sales and marketing teams to maximise efficiency.

Highspot opens the door to an efficient workflow and puts an end to sales and marketing teams working in silos by providing the content, guidance, training and coaching that teams need to engage buyers and drive ROIs.

To discover more about how to align your business and prepare for 2023 and beyond, download our free European State of Sales and Marketing Alignment 2022 report now.

About Highspot

Highspot is the sales enablement platform that increases the productivity of sales teams by bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

With Highspot, our customers turn initiatives into the actions that sales teams must execute and enable sales leaders to measure what is and is not working with deep and actionable insights.

Companies like Aetna, Siemens, Staples and Yahoo use Highspot to manage content, to train and coach sellers, and to engage buyers.

Executing your strategic initiatives with Highspot increases revenue, drives consistent rep performance and improves seller ROI.

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