The complete guide to sales enablement measurement and reporting [eBook]


All the actionable insights you need to identify the areas of enablement that move the needle and measure the impact of your activity.

Let’s start with three universal pain points in the sales enablement sphere:

1️⃣ No single, reliable view of the performance of sales reps.

2️⃣ Inability to identify skills gaps within sales teams - which makes it hard to know where to focus activity for maximum impact.

3️⃣ The result of 1 + 2? Lack of measurement, meaning it’s hard to know if your activity’s having the desired effect and which activity is most impactful.

☝ These are very real and very pervasive sales enablement challenges that came through in this year’s Sales Enablement Landscape Report, and ones this guide’s built to solve, because…

If you don’t know what you’re measuring - or how to measure it - it’s impossible to accurately assess the impact of your enablement strategy, or objectively evaluate the skills gaps in your sales team.

And if you don’t know what’s working or where the weak spots are, continuous improvement also becomes an uphill battle.

So, whether you’re wondering how your metrics can better align with the sales team or how you can pinpoint the areas to shift the performance dial, by the time you’ve read this guide, you’ll:

  • Be clear on your competency framework + how this is your glue that brings everything together.
  • Understand anything that requires significant admin is not sustainable, and be comfortable creating living processes that are embedded and adopted.
  • Be confident in reporting on the most important metrics to your stakeholders.