The personalization payoff [eBook]


Unlock real-life insights on the impact of personalization on B2B buyer engagement, and how enablement technology makes the process more scalable and efficient.

Did you know...

Two-thirds of the buyer's journey takes place via online digital channels?
→ Two-thirds of buyers also prefer remote interactions over in-person ones?
→ Only 34% of companies truly understand their customers' unique needs?

These stats come as no surprise, as the pandemic has changed the way customers interact with sellers.

However, the move to digital has created significant challenges for sales reps, especially in B2B orgs.

So how can sellers start to personalize their content to appeal to buyers? We answer this question and more in our brand new eBook, courtesy of Seismic.

Grab your copy and discover how sellers have began to personalize the content they share with buyers, evaluating the types of engagement they drove as a result.

Key takeaways:

🤩 Understand the need for personalized content to capture buyer interest.

🛠 Learn how sellers need the right tools to make digital interactions more accessible and efficient.

📈 Evaluate the correlation between using personalized content and stronger buyer engagement.