It can get lonely at the top. But as the backbone of your sales enablement team, leaders should be seeking career development more than ever.

Prepare to meet fellow leaders and get stuck into a comprehensive curriculum this year, all designed for one goal - making you the best sales enablement leader you can be.

To give a taster of what's to come, check out one of our intros with Arup Chakravarti, Director of Sales Excellence with Equifax UK and long-time contributor to SEC. At the time of filming Arup was the Head of Sales Ops & Enablement at Elavon Europe 👇

About Arup

"I’ve been fortunate to build a career located at the confluence of people, process, technology and data. There's never been a better time to be in this place. The predictability of technology... vs the unpredictability of human interactions. Ever exciting and challenging, creating the opportunities for a better social fabric."

What to expect from his session

Arup will be leading the session on a fundamental component of success - buy-in. He'll specifically be delving into key themes like establishing decision areas, stakeholder management, organizational change, and much more.

More about the program

Alongside our weekly insightful discussions, you can also expect to:

🎬 Learn from plenty more industry leaders in panels, fireside chats, and Q&As
👩‍💻 Participate in live presentations and networking sessions
✅ Complete a portfolio of coursework to hone your skills and knowledge
🗣 Get involved in lively discussions in your private fellowship alumni channel
🛠 Access a bank of industry-standard templates and frameworks

It's everything you need to fine-tune all the quintessential areas needed to shine as a sales enablement leader - all across six enjoyably intense weeks.