We don’t need to tell you that enabling your revenue team means staying ahead of the game in terms of the technology, skills, and strategies your business needs (especially ones that your competitors might already be leveraging).

But with challenges come opportunities, right?

That’s what the Revenue Acceleration Festival is all about: to equip revenue leaders like you with insights and strategies to accelerate and maintain consistent, predictable growth.

With five virtual stages, it's the first online-only event dedicated to revenue acceleration that provides content both live and on-demand - and it’s free to attend.

Need more reasons? Here are five big questions the Festival will help you to explore...

1. How do we close the gaps between revenue teams?

It doesn't make sense to just enable your sales team to have great conversations, you need to do that with everyone in your business who interacts with your customer, including sales, marketing, product and customer success.

The Collaboration and Alignment Stage has got you covered - here’s just a taster of the presentations on offer:

  • Meeting Your Teams Where They Are: Jeremy Kirsch, Global Sales and Services Revenue Enablement, RingCentral.
  • How to be a High-Impact Revenue Enablement Leader: Elay Cohen, CEO, SalesHood.
  • 3 Areas of Focus for Revenue Operations: Doyle Slayton
    Head of Revenue Operations, Wiley Education Services.

2. How do we enhance our revenue engine growth?

Your revenue engine is the machine that powers your whole revenue function. It’s therefore vital to know how to keep this engine healthy and well-tuned in order to deliver consistent and predictable growth.

We've got the inspo you need to keep it operating at maximum velocity on the Optimizing Revenue Engines Stage:

  • The Four Pillars of a High-Performing Revenue Engine: Brandon Jones, Vice President of Revenue, PAAY.
“One of the things I'm going to be talking about is how to embrace uncertainty and how to build a revenue engine that you can be sure scales and is future-proof as you scale up.” Brandon Jones.
  • Why Revenue Operations is a Key to Revenue Growth: Leore Spira, Head of Revenue Operations, Syte.
“It’s a fantastic opportunity for colleagues in the ecosystem to understand how to build a scalable revenue machine model with the help of a RevOps function.” Leore Spira.
  • How To Adapt Your Revenue Engine In Uncertain Times: Raul Martinez, Chief Commercial & Revenue Officer, TMT.
“The Revenue Acceleration Festival is a great platform to learn and exchange thoughts in very relevant topics from experienced leaders in a variety of industries.” Raul Martinez.

3. How do I put together a superstar revenue enablement team?

People look to their leaders for direction, especially in times of uncertainty. Accountability, decisiveness, and having confidence in your convictions are key to implementing a successful revenue function and getting buy-in from your team when introducing a new enablement process, tool, or strategy.

Want a deep dive into how to assemble your revenue dream team? Here’s a selection of what the Implementing Revenue Enablement Teams Stage covers:

  • Consistent Sales Performance Starts with Employee Engagement: Fireside Chat with Carolyn Mellor, Procore, and Jon Perera, Highspot.
  • Growing Revenue Enablement Within an Organization: Jaclyn D'Arcy, Director of Revenue Enablement, GHX.
  • Launching Revenue Enablement for Repeatable Revenue: Bryan Grobstein, Director of Revenue Enablement, Lunchbox.
“Events like the Revenue Acceleration Fest give thought leaders the opportunity to better understand how other businesses are creating the environment to optimize their people, process, and plan.” Bryan Grobstein.

4. How do we put the focus back on the customer?

How do you go from communicating with potential customers that don't know about your product, to building awareness, interest, and action - then retain and delight those customers?

Your revenue team needs to optimize every single touchpoint with your customers. Some picks from the Customer Centricity Stage to help you do just that:

  • Accelerating Revenue by Mapping Consumer Trends: Rajat Poddar, Head of Revenue Growth, Bacardi.
  • Putting the Buyer at the Forefront of Any Sales Conversation: Tori Belkin, Head of Revenue Enablement, Ceros.
  • Growing Revenue Faster and Better: Benjamin Bergeron-Osajie, Director of Revenue Operations & Enablement, TrackTik.

5. How do we use data to drive growth?

Tracking metrics - and taking on what they show you - is vital for any revenue leader invested in real progress. Having a solid measurement process in place can really drive continuous growth while flagging strategic issues along the way.

But you don’t need to feel like you’re drowning in data. Here are some highlights from the Measuring Success Stage:

  • How to Diagnose for Performance Problems: Ray Owais, Revenue Enablement Lead, Shopify.
  • Culture of Data-Driven Decision-Making: Jeff Ignacio, Head of Revenue and Growth Operations, UpKeep.
  • Metrics that Motivate: Julie Greenfield, Head of Revenue Enablement, CentralSquare Technologies.
“My session is for you if you’ve defined your metrics, set up your dashboard and are struggling to help your teams understand why and how they impact them directly and the role they play in achieving company goals.” Julie Greenfield.

That’s not all folks…

All this ☝️ and you also get...

👀  Free access to the live presentations from revenue growth professionals (or for a small fee, lifetime on-demand access to all of the content).

💬  The chance to personalize your Festival experience by putting your questions to our speakers in live Q&A sessions.

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