Sales enablement helps teams drive revenue growth using strategic processes, and recent data says companies prioritizing sales enablement achieve higher overall team attainment of sales quotas by 32%.

Videos are a big help here - studies have shown that businesses using videos get 85% more people to buy.

This article discusses how significant videos are in improving sales and aims to provide valuable tips by exploring five video strategies for 2024. Let's read on.

Video strategy 1: Personalized sales videos

Personalized sales videos are about making videos that match each customer's needs. They're better than generic messages because they create a more authentic link between your brand and your market. In the world of sales, where customizing is essential, personalized sales videos are strong tools your sales reps can utilize as part of their sales process.

Benefit 1: More attention-grabbing

Personalized videos grab attention better than generic ones, leading to prospects who are more likely to interact with your sales reps and marketing content.

These interactions ultimately make prospects more likely to buy because they connect better with the message.

Benefit 2: Better relationship with potential customers

Personalized sales videos talk directly to your ideal customer base and meet their specific needs. They make potential customers feel valuable and spoken-to, building trust and strengthening the brand-customer relationship.

Benefit 3: Smart decision-making with data

Personalized videos give helpful data about what customers like, do, and what resonates with them. Some modern sales tools can provide information on how long a prospect watched a video, or what the most-replayed section was.

This data helps you and your teams build better content for the future, keeping it valuable, fresh, and effective.

So, how do you make your sales videos personal? Here are three ways based on customer data:

Technique 1: Dynamic content mapping

Use customer data to plan out different sales video journeys. Customize the script and add music to video content based on their likes, past actions, and demographics.

Videos should be tailored to each stage of a customer's buying journey where possible and showcased at the correct time for maximum effectiveness.

Technique 2: Interactive decision trees

Create videos where the viewer makes choices, guiding them through a personalized decision-making process. Adjusting the content based on what the viewer picks can make the video more captivating and tailored to their needs.

Technique 3: Data-driven personalization

Use customer data to personalize the video by including the customer's name or company. A simple touch like that is an easy way to begin connecting with the viewer.

Video strategy 2: Interactive product demos

Product demos help people experience your product up close, showcasing its features in action. They're a much more effective way to highlight your product's benefits than just talking about them.

They help potential consumers understand how your product solves a problem they're experiencing practically, or how meets an organizational need.

Seeing your product actually working builds confidence and can make a prospect more likely to buy.

Now, let's talk about interactive videos - these are a big deal in the digital marketing space. Unlike regular videos, interactive videos get people involved. Viewers can make choices, explore features, and customize their experience.

They turn passive viewers into active participants, making the info stick in their minds.

Here are simple tips on making awesome interactive product demo videos:

  • Create a lively script that gets viewers involved. Ask questions, give choices, and take them on a journey that fits their preferences and needs.
  • Add clickable spots, pop-ups, and overlays to highlight vital product features. This approach grabs attention and shares detailed information without overwhelming the viewer.
  • Smartly organize your interactive video. Have a logical flow that keeps viewers hooked from the beginning to the end. Gradually show what your product can do and why it's great - while keeping the focus on how it can meet the prospect's specific needs.

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Video strategy 3: Storytelling for success

Stories have a natural ability to grab attention and make connections. In sales, telling stories that bring out feelings and talk about problems can leave a solid and convincing impression on your consumers. Stories make information easy to relate to, building interactions and trust—things you need for successful sales.

Now, let's talk about adding storytelling to your sales videos:

Make your brand feel human

Add elements that show the human side of your brand. Share real stories about your team, customers, or how your product came to be. This personal touch can make your brand and product feel more relatable and authentic.

Solve problems with your story

Arrange your sales videos like a story about a problem and its solution. First, discuss a common issue and explain the challenges (which your prospect should relate to), then show how your product or service fixes their challenge through the story.

This way, your story connects viewers looking for solutions to their needs. To make your stories hit home:

  • Invest in professional video editing software to make your sales videos look more polished. You should also use high-quality images, videos, and music to make your videos more enticing.
  • Customize your stories to match your intended market's location and preferences. Use their language, discuss what matters to them, and provide examples they can relate to.
  • Be mindful of different cultures. Ensure your stories are respected and include cultural aspects so they connect well with diverse markets.
  • Keep up with what's popular. Leverage AI-powered tools like AI avatars or eye contact AI to improve your sales videos. Include things in your stories that match people's interests, making sure your stories feel current and trendy.

Video strategy 4: Live video interactions

Live video can add a unique immediacy to your sales process, giving you the opportunity to talk directly with your customer base.

Doing so in real-time allows for genuine communication, allowing businesses show products, answer questions, and build trust. It's a powerful tool in selling, providing an experience that regular content can't.

Here are some tips for doing great live video sessions for sales:

Tip 1: Get ready before going live

Plan what you'll say, prepare visuals, and consider possible questions. Being ready and prepared will make you appear professional and build trust with your consumers.

Tip 2: Talk with your viewers

Ask your viewers for comments and reactions to engage them. Use their names, reply to comments immediately, and make them feel heard.

Tip 3: Keep it short and to-the-point

Respect your consumer's time by keeping your content short and focused. Don't go off on tangents about unrelated topics - get to the main point, and keep a good pace to keep viewers hooked.

Tip 4. Set aside time for questions

Ask your viewers to send questions during the live video and answer them in a question-and-answer section. It helps to deal with specific queries or concerns, and shows that you know your stuff and care about your customers.

Tip 5. Use Real-time features

Experiment with features like polls, quizzes, and chat sessions during the live video. These things make viewers participate more, turning the live video into a two-way conversation instead of just you talking.

Interactive elements keeps viewers engagement and invested in what you're showing - otherwise you risk them not paying attention.

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Video Strategy 5: Data-driven video analytics

Using data helps us make intelligent choices. In sales, knowing what customers like and how they act is critical to improving. Using data, sales teams can adjust their methods, find improvement opportunities, and smooth out every step of the process.

Video analytics have to be a big part of your sales video strategy. They reveal how people interact with your videos, essentially proving their level of effectiveness.

Knowing these specific data points can help you improve the user's experience while watching and ultimately drive more people to purchase. Video analytics are a window into how well sales videos perform and what prospects like or dislike about them.

Now, let's talk about the key performance indicators to check in sales videos:

KPI 1: Watch time

Track how long people usually watch your videos. If many people watch for a long time, this indicates exciting, engaging content. If most people stop watching after 15-30 seconds, there's clear areas to improve in.

KPI 2: Click Through Rates (CTR)

Check how many people click on the buttons or links in your videos. A high number here means your video is doing a good job at getting people to the next step in the buying process.

KPI 3: Conversion Rates

Track how many people do what you want them to do after watching your video, such as filling out a form. This can inform you of whether your video is contributing to your sales process.


As we wrap up our look into sales video tactics, keep the following in mind:

  1. Make your sales videos personal for more attention and a stronger connection.
  2. Spice up your product demos with interactive stuff for a more fun experience.
  3. Use storytelling to leave a lasting impression on your consumers.
  4. Connect with your viewers in real-time using live video for more interactions.
  5. Use data-driven video info to make your sales plans better.

With these tricks in your bag, you're making videos and creating experiences that build trust and bring in sales in 2024.

Cheers to making the most of your sales enablement video strategies and achieving success!