Learn exactly how to build an onboarding program specifically designed to reduce your ramp time 👇

Just because someone modelled a 90 day new seller ramp doesn’t mean the rep reaches quota on time. Enablement often finds itself tasked with reducing ramp but with no clear plan of how to do it.

That’s why our friends at LevelJump created this eBook so you can learn:

  • Why it takes so long to ramp sales reps
  • Why new reps start out feeling great and then begin to fade across 7 stages of onboarding
  • How to create onboarding programs that drive results - engaging, extensive and clearly tied to ROI
  • Why onboarding needs to move past consumption metrics

Whether you're just getting started with your sales onboarding program, or you're looking for new ways to train your reps, this eBook is for you.

Download the eBook today 👇