It was all hands on deck this month at SEC, with quite possibly our busiest month ever.

Here are the highlights:

💰 The Chief Revenue Officer went live yesterday, 20+ revenue revolutionists delivered 10+ hours of captivating content, available soon OnDemand for SEC Members.

🎪 SEC’s flagship event, the Sales Enablement Festival, launched and boasts 40+ SE titans from the likes of Google, TikTok, and Zoom.

📙 The latest SEC report 'Measuring Sales Enablement'  was released and teaches you how to demonstrate enablement's ROI to leadership.

🛠 Our interactive Sales Enablement Workshop Series also launched. 7 workshops, 7 fundamental sales enablement topics & 7 expert instructors to guide you through.

Now settle in, grab a coffee, and read all about what else is new here at SEC… 👇

- Daniel, Copywriter @ Sales Enablement Collective

Fresh content

Value Proposition

Your ultimate guide to creating a value proposition

“How are you going to solve my problems?” “Why should I buy from you?” “Why is it even worth my while talking to you?”.

A clear and persuasive value proposition should answer all these questions (and more) and is one of the strongest enablement tools you can provide to your team.

Get them hooked

RevOps - the new key to unlocking growth?

RevOps - the new key to unlocking growth?

In B2B and SaaS companies, revenue operations grew out of the need for a joined-up approach to sales across departments.

Find out why RevOps can add value to your business, how it fits into the enablement landscape - and get tips on following it as a career.

Get RevOps-ready

Podcast: Camila Borda - Google

Podcast: Kevin Rich, Shift Technology

"I see a coach as a coach, whether you're in sports or in the business world" says Kevin Rich, ex-hockey coach and now Head of Enablement at Shift Technology.

In this Sales Enablement Innovation podcast, he explains why his aim is to instill a product-solving mindset in his teams, and how he defines successful enablement.

Hear the pod

New in the membership plan

New in the membership plan

Exclusive Content

  • The nuts and bolts of sales enablement | Priya Sachdev | GlobalStep
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  • Chief Revenue Officer Summit | Featuring Motus, Flowhub and Commit USA | Watch OnDemand (available soon)
  • Why Content Won’t Get Your Reps to Quota | Featuring LevelJump & Silverfin | Watch now
  • How Real-Time Enablement is Key to Achieving Epic-Operational Effectiveness | Featuring Outreach & Honeycomb io | Take a peek
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Best of the rest:

Upcoming events


  • Measuring Sales Enablement | Report
  • The Rise of Revenue Enablement | Report
  • Sales Enablement Salary Survey 2021 | Report
  • Is Virtual the New Reality? | Report
  • Sales Enablement Fundamentals | eBook

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