Sales Enablement Landscape Report 2023

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Our biggest report is back - and it’s yours to download right now! Our Sales Enablement Landscape Report 2023 provides an overview of the industry like never before. 

We asked 150 enablement experts about the people, processes, and problems in enablement. Now, with the results compiled, you can see how your situation weighs up compared to your peers and competitors. 

How enablement is valued in different organizations, the challenges facing sales teams,  your peers’ views on artificial intelligence, even the must-have skills - our report has it covered.

Here’s some quickfire stats:

  • The most common team size in enablement was 2-4 (33.8%), followed by one-person teams (31%).
  • 77.7% of respondents are optimistic about the growth of artificial intelligence in the enablement space.
  • In an ideal world, 44.6% of respondents would have enablement report directly to the C-suite. 
  • 37.8% of respondents worked in sales prior to enablement, and an additional 28.4% were in sales management or leadership roles before becoming enablers. 

Hear directly from your peers on industry challenges:

“Stakeholders don’t know what enablement is able to do. They have very low expectations and that means low support and that we’re rarely invited in.”
“I think enablement is a new and evolving function. The main challenges come from within. I love what I see happening in the landscape, from thought leaders to actual sales enablement forums and groups. I get great support and ideas from other sales enablement professionals.”
“Enablement is becoming a must-have for any team looking to scale and grow both their markets and their people. With the war for sales talent in full swing, enablement is no longer a nice-to-have, but a requirement for top sales performers and managers.”
“Measuring rep performance is a constant challenge for a small sales team with a small data set. We often find out data tells us different things from month to month, as the data set isn’t large enough to provide consistent information.”

Download the full report, containing hundreds of stats and dozens more comments from your peers right here. 👇