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Kickstart enablement projects quickly and easily with a bank of ready-made templates, simply download and tailor to your needs. We’ve got 70 more waiting for you …

Sales script template | Sales Enablement Collective
Helping out enablers is what we do, so have this sales script template on us! It covers everything from building a rapport to getting that booking

Onboarding new sales reps checklist | Sales Enablement Collective
Onboarding new reps is a critical part of sales enablement’s job. This checklist takes you, step-by-step, through the process. And it’s yours to download for free!

Sales playbook template | Sales Enablement Collective
Tailor this template for your own reps, products and way of working. Create a playbook that reps actually use - and that helps generate sales results

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Ignite your passion for sales enablement and unlock 350+ hours of exciting OnDemand content. As a Pro member, you get virtual access to our flagship in-person Summits and can access the footage anytime you wish after.

Immerse yourself in discussions that explore every facet of sales enablement and gain insights from industry experts across the globe, such as Zendesk, Yelp, Sage, and more. 🌎

Sales enablement OnDemand | Sales Enablement Collective
Couldn’t make it to the event in person? Not to worry. Catch up on all past and future Sales Enablement Summits right here, in our membership plans.

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Weekly in-depth insights from industry leaders, covering everything from scaling enablement to game-changing strategies, check out our hub of 70+ pieces below. 👇

Membership content
Wanna learn from some of the very best sales enablement leaders out there? You got it. In our SEC membership plans, we release fresh, exclusive content every single week.


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Here’s a summary of the exclusive content that we’ve added to the SEC membership plan - updated each month, so you can see what’s new, at a glance!

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