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January 2023

Templates & frameworks

Monthly performance overview template

Exclusive content

Why innovation is instrumental to sales enablement | Georgia Watson

Why revenue operations is vital for managing business growth | Patrick Franciotti


Virtual Future of Sales Festival December 2022

Chief Revenue Officer Summit London 2022

Sales Enablement Summit London 2022

December 2022

Templates & frameworks

Weekly 1-1 template (for sales managers and reps)

Sales script with recorded call disclaimer

Exclusive content

The 4 Rs of successful sales leadership | Pattie Grimm


Sales Enablement Summit Toronto 2022

Sales Enablement Summit Chicago 2022

November 2022

Templates and frameworks

SKO checklist template

Software evaluation scoresheet

Exclusive content

Onboarding 101 | Ashli Bontrager

Top tools to enhance the performance of your salespeople | Terry Mitchell


Sales Enablement Summit Boston 2022

Sales Enablement Summit Sydney 2022

Virtual Revenue Acceleration Festival November 2022

Virtual Sales Enablement Festival October 2022

October 2022

Templates and frameworks

Guide to pricing models

SEC pipeline tracker

Exclusive content

Mastering training in a hybrid workplace | Jenn Haskell

Engagement and intelligence: the key to unlocking predictable, efficient growth | Alex Kremer


Virtual Chief Revenue Officer Summit September 2022

September 2022


Top of the Charts: The Enablement Charter Playbook

Templates & frameworks

Pitch to influential companies template

Value proposition builder slide deck

Exclusive content

3 key focuses for effective frontline sales leadership | Zach Barney

CARE-based leadership | Jason Winkler


Chief Revenue Officer Summit San Francisco 2022

Sales Enablement Summit San Francisco 2022

August 2022

Templates & frameworks

Post-deal review template

Account research template


Sales Enablement Landscape Report 2022

Exclusive content

Strategic & tactical partnerships that drive enablement success | Petek Hawkins

#RevOpsProblems : Reporting, analyzing, and presenting data | Hannah O'Meara

July 2022

Templates & frameworks

OKR Canvas

Sales enablement project assessement template


Onboarding: from start to finish

Exclusive content

The future of B2B selling: buyer enablement meets sales enablement | Larson Stair

Scaling and accelerating revenue enablement | Bryan Grobstein, Christi Loucks, Emily FitzPatrick

June 2022

Templates & frameworks

Marketing metrics framework

Sales cadence template


Sales Enablement Tools of Choice 2022

Exclusive content

Building a career in sales enablement | Nicholas Gregory, Steve Hamilton, and Jennifer Leary

Metrics that matter: how to use data to communicate enablement's business impact | Amy McClain

May 2022

Templates & frameworks

Win-loss email invite templates

Follow-up emails for non-responsive prospects

Exclusive content

5 game-changing strategies to enable effective virtual selling | Iris Chan

Sales readiness: How to develop an ideal rep profile to drive continuous excellence | Nick Salas


Revenue Acceleration Festival - May 2022

Sales Enablement Summit - Amsterdam 2022

April 2022

Templates & frameworks

Post-sale customer survey checklist

Sales to customer success handover template


Gold Standard Prospecting Report 2022

Exclusive content

How to add strategy to your enablement mix

How sexier enablement drives more results

March 2022

Templates & frameworks

Competitor SWOT analysis

Empathy map template

Exclusive content

How to ask for money: getting enablement the budget it needs | Adriana Romero, Jill Emerick, Rodrick Gibson

Sales management routines at scale | Max Nirenberg


Sales Enablement Summit - New York 2022


Sales Enablement Salary Survey 2022

February 2022

Templates & frameworks

Quarterly pipeline tracker

Discovery call question sheet

Exclusive content

Scrap your sales process! Building a new enablement strategy for (post) modern buyers and sellers | Tim Riesterer

Creating a scalable sales enablement function | Pooja Kumar

Coaching in a 'Work from Anywhere' world | Sarah Fricke


Chief Revenue Officer Summit - February 2022

Sales Enablement Summit - Austin 2022

January 2022

Templates & frameworks

Discovery call checklist

Building a sales enablement tech stack checklist

Exclusive content

A no-bullsh*** guide to measuring sales enablement impact | Christi Loucks

The sales enablement playbook: strategy frameworks and executive buy-in | Thomas Cheriyan

December 2021


2022 Ones to watch

Exclusive content

Building effective sales teams: driving yield and ramp | Scott King

How to gain better alignment for your sales enablement program | Beth Shuman

Templates & frameworks

Revenue goals worksheet

How to create a sales competencies framework


Sales Enablement Summit | London 2021

November 2021

Exclusive content

Enhancing B2C sales performance through customer performance insights | Vishal Salunkhe

Maximize go-to-market effectiveness with AI-guided selling | Winnie Palmer

Templates & frameworks

Rep scorecard template

Steps to closing the deal checklist


Sales Enablement Festival | October 2021

Revenue Acceleration Festival | November 2021

October 2021


Sales Enablement Forecast 2022


Chief Revenue Officer Summit| September 2021 | Featuring brands like Motus, Seismic & Outreach.


Sales Enablement Festival | October 26 - 28 - FREE with a membership plan!

Sales Enablement Workshop Series | October- November - 10% discount with a membership plan!

Exclusive content

The four pillars of a high-performing revenue revenue engine | Brandon Jones

Launching revenue enablement for repeatable revenue | Bryan Grobstein

Templates & frameworks

Performance agreement template

Lowering your churn rate template

September 2021


Measuring Sales Enablement


Chief Revenue Officer Summit | September 29 - FREE with a membership plan!

Exclusive content

How to adapt your revenue engine | Angaza

The nuts and bolts of sales enablement |Priya Sachdev

Templates & frameworks

Checklist for growing MMR

AARRR model framework

Framework for improving trial-to-subscription conversions

August 2021

Exclusive content

Sales enablement: a flowing stream or an uncontrolled flood? | Guidewire Software

Growing revenue enablement within an organization | GHX

Templates & frameworks

Customer feedback questions - masterlist

Win-loss interview questions

Sales to customer success hand-off template

July 2021

Exclusive content

Building for fast growth in a global team | Shopify

A human approach to AI and automation | Algolia

Templates & frameworks

Value proposition template

Value proposition evaluator

Messaging framework template

OKR canvas

June 2021

Exclusive content

Conquering your operating cadence | Convercent

Enablement metrics 101 | Andela

Designing an enablement brand identity | Garten


Future of Sales Festival | June 2021 | Featuring brands like Google, HubSpot & Amazon.

Templates & frameworks

Cross-selling email templates

Upselling email templates

Price increase email templates

May 2021

Exclusive content

Doing right by your customers without sacrificing the bottom line | Hireology

Measuring sales is easy... | Freshworks


Sales Enablement Festival | May 2021 | Featuring brands like LinkedIn, Oracle & Xerox.

Templates & frameworks

Customer experience map checklist

Content mapping template

Content mapping example

April 2021


Sales Enablement Salary Survey 2021

Exclusive content

Fit to win: How sales enablement & buyer enablement complement each other | IBM

How to deliver client centricity across the business value chain | Wirecard Solutions South Africa

Templates & frameworks

RACI template

Competitive analysis framework - Porter's Five Forces

GTM (Go-to-market) template

March 2021

Exclusive content

Sales and marketing lead optimization | Guardian Group

Closing the gap between revenue teams | IBM


Revenue Acceleration Festival | March 2021 | Featuring brands like Shopify, Bacardi & Highspot

Templates & frameworks

Storytelling framework template

B2B user persona template

B2C buyer persona template

February 2021

Exclusive content

What does 98% have to do with COVID? | Rackspace

Forming your enablement team | Square US


Chief Revenue Officer Summit | February 2021 | Featuring brands like CRO Collective, Phoenix Suns & SalesHood

Templates & frameworks

Product demo checklist template

New hire onboarding checklist

Customer journey template

January 2021

Exclusive content

How to define your sales philosophy and build a coaching culture | Investec

Creating a sales playbook from scratch : 7 lessons learned | Yelp

Templates & frameworks

Customer needs analysis template

B2B buyer persona template

December 2020

Exclusive content

The dark arts of data: Evolving from sales training to sales productivity | LogicMonitor

Why should a start-up invest in sales enablement? | GoCardless

Sales enablement: the ultimate sales psychologist | Everbridge

Templates & frameworks

Product sheet template

Competitor comparison chart

Sales confidence survey questions

November 2020

Exclusive content

How to get salespeople to care | Zendesk

Conversations, not content: How sales enablement lost its way | Guru

Templates & frameworks

Sales enablement maturity model

Customer case study questions

Sales one-pager template

October 2020

Exclusive content

Drive more efficient sales through smarter sales enablement | Progress Software

Aligning sales and marketing and getting organized for success | Emerson


Sales Enablement Festival 2020 | October 2020 | Featuring brands like IBM, Juniper Networks & Rackspace

Templates & frameworks

Sales email templates

Sales script template

September 2020

Exclusive content

Building a bridge between product marketing and sales | Oracle

Leveraging AI to accelerate sales effectiveness | Elavon


Future of Sales Festival 2020 | Featuring brands like Vodafone, Shopify & HP

Chief Revenue Officer Summit | September 2020 | Featuring brands like PwC, EAT Club & YouGov Sport

Templates & frameworks

Objection handling script

Battlecard template

Sales playbook template

August 2020

Exclusive content

Educating the next generation of your sales organization | Shopify

Shifting the nature of learning | EasyPost


Sales Enablement Summit | Austin

Sales Enablement Summit | Sydney

Sales Enablement Summit | San Francisco

Sales Enablement Summit | London