SEC’s biggest ever report has landed - and it’s yours to download right now.

Our Sales Enablement Landscape Report 2022 provides an overview of the industry like never before.

We asked 100+ enablement experts about the people, processes, and problems in enablement.

Now, with the results compiled, you can see how your situation weighs up compared to your peers and competitors.

From what roles your peers held before arriving into SE and how enablement is valued in different organizations, to the skills your SE peers think are must-haves - our report has it covered.

Here’s some quickfire stats:

  • Nearly two-thirds (63.4%) of enablement professionals have a background in some sort of sales role.
  • Only 31.5% of enablement departments are responsible for the creation of content in their organization.
  • Nearly seven in ten (68.4%) enablement professionals feel like their team isn’t big enough.
  • Unsurprisingly, win/close rate  is considered one of the top three most important metrics to measure sellers by 73.3% of enablers

Hear from directly from your peers on industry challenges:

“We don’t actually have a budget so every initiative has to either be delivered with existing resources or we have to go to the management team to request investment.”
“There’s a limited career path for sales enablement professionals. Once you reach the Director level, you essentially need to change gears and become a VP of Strategy, go back into sales or sales management, or make a lateral move to another company. There are very few roles beyond Director/Head of Sales Enablement.”
“Enablement doesn’t join the planning and conversations soon enough. This leads to enablement being in constant reactive mode instead of proactive."

Want the rest? Download the report and see how you shape up in 2022’s sales enablement landscape!