Terry gave this presentation, titled ‘Sales effectiveness attributes and personal development plans’, at the Future of Sales Festival in June 2022. You can catch the replay here with an SEC membership.

My name is Terry Mitchell, and I'm the Principal and Owner of 180 Enablement, a sales and marketing enablement consulting firm.

Having spent the last five years working for Fujifilm developing and launching a broad sales enablement program, I've decided to go off on my own and help others as they go down the path of improving sales performance.

My goal is to introduce you to some assessment and coaching tools to help you enable your sellers to improve their sales skills and sales performance.

The topics covered in this article include:

  • The five groups of sales effectiveness attributes
  • A system for rating the sales effectiveness attributes of your team
  • How to create a personal development plan for your sellers
  • A coaching framework for personal development plans

The 5 groups of sales effectiveness attributes

In a survey conducted by AAA, 73% of people think they are better than the average driver. Perhaps this is not a surprising statistic when you ask someone to rate their own skill.

If you were to ask your sales team to rate their selling skill, you might get a similar response.

With the following list of sales effectiveness attributes, we’re looking at a system that enables you to help your sales team, regardless of their years of experience, in a period of self-reflection.

There are 25 sales effectiveness attributes which I’ve broken down into groups to make them easier to digest.