We just capped off our biggest ever Sales Enablement Festival by announcing 2022’s Sales Enablement Award winners!

Each and every finalist was deserving, which made it incredibly tough to narrow down the shortlist to pick a winner.

Before diving in, we’re taking a moment to celebrate all our nominees and finalists - sales enablement has exploded in recent years and so much of that is due to the hard-working people involved in driving the function forwards. 👏

Sales Enablement Leader of the Year - Mel Barrett

Our winner in this category was Mel Barrett, VP, Training & Enablement, Vena Solutions. Mel’s been absolutely flying and received plaudits from all over, so congratulations Mel for the well-deserved recognition!

Let’s hear a few words from our winner:

Congratulations again to Mel! 🎉

Sales Enablement Newcomer of the Year - Ebonie Glenn

Our award for breakthrough enablement star goes to Ebonie Glenn, Sales Enablement Specialist, Articulate. Having been in the enablement function for less than a year, what she’s accomplished has been mighty impressive.

Let’s hear a few words from our winner:

Congratulations to Ebonie! 🎉

Sales Enablement Initiative of the Year - Salesforce Enablement Accountability Matrix

This award, about showcasing the most impressive and unique sales enablement ideas, innovations, and initiatives, goes to Salesforce and their impressive Enablement Accountability Matrix.

Let’s hear a few words from them:

Congratulations to all the enablers at Salesforce! 🎉

Sales Enablement Team of the Year - Zscaler

Like our Leader of the Year award, this award’s all about highlighting the most talented and successful enablement teams out there - and Zscaler’s Revenue Enablement and Velocity team sets the standard with their awesome work!

Let’s see their celebrations:

Congratulations to the whole team at Zscaler! 🎉

Biggest Contribution to the Enablement Community Award - Stephanie White

This category recognizes the fantastic enablement community - and our winner Stephanie White, Director, Revenue Enablement, Loopio is a perfect example of this. She’s always prepared to share advice with her network, and her spotlight on enablement community members is a fantastic initiative.

Let’s hear a few words from Stephanie:

Congratulations to Stephanie! 🎉

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