We’re well into October now and the end of the year is fast approaching - know what that means?

It’s awards season!

After a successful run last year, we at Sales Enablement Collective have been hard at work planning the next edition of our Sales Enablement Awards and we’re delighted to announce our shortlisted nominees. 

While there can only be one winner in each category, every nominee listed here is worthy of recognition for their dedication, hard work, and ability to stand out in a really talented enablement field. 

The winners will be announced at our free, virtual Sales Enablement Festival on October 26 as part of our celebration of all that’s great about enablement.  

In the meantime, let’s find out who’s in with a chance of winning! 👇

Sales Enablement Leader of the Year

First category up is our Sales Enablement Leader of the Year - this award is all about putting a spotlight on the most talented and successful sales enablement leaders! 

This is our “Most Valuable Player” award and the nominations were extremely tough to narrow down. 

Our shortlist in this category is:

  • Ben Purton, Senior Director, International Enablement, RingCentral
  • Lish Barber, Senior Director of Enablement, Sigma Computing
  • Whitney Sieck, Vice President of Revenue Enablement, Demandbase
  • Nate Vogel, Vice President, Global Sales Enablement, Databricks
  • Kira Pollard-Lipkis, Senior Director of Sales Enablement, LinkedIn

Five outstanding choices, so be sure to put your hands together and recognize their excellence! 👏

Sales Enablement Newcomer of the Year

This award is for the breakthrough enablement star, someone new to the enablement scene who’s making waves.

We’re treating it as our very own “Rookie of the Year” award and our finalists have taken their early steps into enablement without skipping a beat!

Our shortlist in this category is:

  • Richard Bond, Sales Enablement Lead, Glofox
  • Christine Adamission, Sr Revenue Enablement Business Partner, Navan
  • Henriëtte ten Hagen, Sales Enablement Lead, Okta
  • Drew Bierwirth, Sales Enablement Marketing Manager, Karbon
  • Alyce Bernstein, Sales Enablement Specialist, Allianz

Five finalists who’ve done some amazing work already in their young enablement careers, and five worthy candidates to win! 🔥

Sales Enablement Tool of the Year

This award is for the tools and tech that make every sales enabler’s life that much easier.

The best tools in business allow enablement professionals to be more efficient and effective, all while being easy to use. 

Our shortlist in this category is:

  • Mindtickle
  • GTM Buddy
  • Allego
  • Gong
  • Seismic

Five top-of-the-line tools with loads of awesome features, each helping enablers every single day. But who’ll win? We’ll find out soon!🛠️

Sales Enablement Team of the Year

Like our Leader of the Year award, this award’s all about highlighting the most talented and successful enablement teams out there!

Our shortlist in this category is:

  • Demandbase
  • Gong
  • RGA
  • Salesforce
  • Loopio

All five finalists are packed with talent and do everything to maximize enablement’s potential in their respective organizations - choosing a winner is a near-impossible task! ⚡️

Biggest contribution to the enablement community

This final category is aimed at recognizing the ultra-dedicated in the fantastic enablement community!

The finalists here are always sharing great resources on LinkedIn, are easy to reach out to for advice, and are making the enablement world a better, more inviting place.

Our shortlist in this category is:

  • Nick Lawrence, Curriculum Design Manager, Learning Experience, Snowflake
  • Matt Schalsey, Director of Revenue Enablement and Business Development, Advantive
  • Teri Long, Vice President, Global Enablement
  • Galem Girmay, Revenue Enablement Manager APAC & EMEA, UserTesting
  • Del Nakhi, CEO, Lead to Catalyze

If you’re not connected with these finalists on LinkedIn yet, you’re missing out! Five very worthy finalists - their contributions to the community are fantastic. 🥳

Winners will be announced soon!

Before going any further, take a moment to acknowledge our nominees - it was extremely difficult to narrow the shortlist to just five shortlisted finalists. 

The enablement community continues to grow and attract kind, passionate, and talented individuals from all over. 

The winners of each category will be announced at SEC’s free virtual Sales Enablement Festival on October 26. Be sure to mark the date on your calendar and join us for the celebration!