On this episode of the podcast we were joined by the vastly experienced Jeff Jaworski. Jeff dived into the world of sales coaching, the lessons he learned from his time at Google, and how you can take five key shifts and start increasing sales performance. 

Key talking points:

  • What sales coaching is and how involved sales managers need to be
  • Jeff’s five key shifts that can elevate your team’s performance
  • Measuring sales performance using the Kirkpatrick model
  • Building a sales coaching program and the lessons Jeff has learned

And more!

A little bit about our guest

Jeff Jaworski is Founder of THE Shift Coaching and Consulting, and Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Americas at Cover Genius. 

Jeff’s 20+ years of experience across sales leadership and enablement roles (with 12+ years at Google), alongside executive & career coaching certifications from Hudson Institute and ICF ACC, bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to help individuals, teams, and organizations identify and unlock the shifts that will transform their future. 

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