Here at Sales Enablement Collective, we spend all year touring the world - bringing our Summits to your doorstep. 

Sales Enablement Summits are events where you can discover strategies and tactics from some of the very best in the business, connect and network with hundreds of your enablement peers, and more. 

What’s not to like?

From San Francisco to London, from Singapore to Sydney, we’re bringing the latest and greatest in enablement wherever you may be. 

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should attend a Sales Enablement Summit, just like hundreds of your peers do: 

1. Learn from incredible speakers 🎤

Our Sales Enablement Summits always feature star-studded lineups, with a variety of speakers from:

  • Start-ups and scale-ups
  • Enterprise organizations
  • One-person enablement teams
  • Large-scale, mature enablement units
  • A multitude of industries and verticals

And more. 

At previous Summits, event attendees have learned to employ strategies from enablement professionals at Google, LinkedIn, Spotify, and more - as well as hearing from enablers at some of the fastest-growing start-ups out there. 

There’s no better way to stay up to date and level up your enablement abilities than attending a Sales Enablement Summit and hearing from the best speakers in enablement. 

2. Networking opportunities with hundreds of peers 👥

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years of hosting events, it’s this: in-person networking is unparalleled.

At our Summits, you’ll have the opportunity to meet, connect, and network with 100+ enablement professionals from across the entire world. 

Whether you’re looking for advice in your current role, eyeing up future opportunities, looking for your next hire, or just want to make like-minded enablement friends, our Summit is the place to do it.  

And that’s not all - it’s not just enablement professionals you’ll get to network with.

Thanks to The Alliance’s portfolio of communities you’ll have the chance to speak with product marketers, revenue operations professionals, Chief Revenue Officers, customer success professionals, and much more based on which event you attend.   

There’s nothing like in-person.

3. Get actionable insights and takeaways 🧠

Our events are geared towards action - you’ll take real learnings and solutions back to your company. 

From the moment you arrive, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in keynotes, panels, fireside chats, and workshops that will enrich your enablement knowledge.

From these expert-driven conversations, you’ll get the chance to learn from the very best in the enablement industry. 

Each Sales Enablement Summit has a unique agenda, covering the most relevant issues and topical challenges you and your peers are facing, but expect to hear about: 

  • Building and growing your enablement career and enhancing your personal development
  • Implementing the latest in artificial intelligence and the newest tech stack solutions
  • Constructing world-class onboarding programs that bring real results
  • Working alongside stakeholders and thriving with the help of cross-functional collaboration
  • Troubleshooting the most common enablement challenges 

And a whole lot more! 

Our events are about more than just having someone talk you to death - they’re about knowledge-sharing and providing attendees with the chance to elevate their own enablement skills.

4. Access insights on repeat 🔁

Happened to missa talk or presentation? Want to revisit your favorite fireside chat? Fear not!

Every single session is recorded and made accessible to attendees OnDemand, whenever you want to revisit it. 

At our Sales Enablement Summits, you can leave your notebook at home, knowing that you can immerse yourself in the conversation live and review the footage as many times as you want.

(Want to revisit previous events that you didn’t get a chance to attend? All you need to do is grab an SEC Pro membership). 

5. Your fellow enablers say you should! 🤝

Still need convincing? How about taking a look at what your enablement peers had to say about their experience attending our events:

“I felt I gained so much from those conversations and that was definitely my favorite part”. - Erica Fox, DocuSign
“It’s worth it. The ongoing relationships I’ve built with people are so valuable.I met a lot of friends there, and I have colleagues now within that sales enablement community that I can reach out to and rely upon. It’s not just those two days [at the event], it’s these ongoing relationships I now have.” - Alex Allion, Terryberry
“I actually connected with several of the speakers even after the show, and they've agreed to meet on a monthly cadence so we can continue to collaborate around onboarding and sharing best practices.” - Joe Cardenas, Redis
“Going to these SEC events, being in-person, and learning what other people are doing, you can take action right away, and that's invaluable.” - Nikki Schanzer, LinkedIn

Itching to attend now? All that’s left is to grab your ticket!

Browse through our range of worldwide events and snag a front-row seat to amazing enablement insights!

But that’s not the only way to attend. Sign up for an SEC Pro+ membership and you’ll gain access to our OnDemand event archive, a suite of courses and certifications, a ton of member-only resources, and a ticket to an event of your choice!

We’ll see you at our next Summit! 😉